Friday, December 7, 2007

Will Amanda Baggs Have A Baby?

It has come to my attention that Amanda Baggs is considering having a baby. This presents an interesting scenario. Baggs has claimed to be a lesbian so becoming pregnant presents a problem. She could go to a sperm bank and buy some semen but, they might not want to sell it to her. I have no knowledge of sperm banks but one would think these places would hesitate to cause pregnancy in a woman who can't care for herself.

One commenter has suggested that Amanda has been acting more high functioning lately. Could that be an alteration in her act so she can seem normal enough to buy some sperm? She'd probably want to make a Youtube video of the impregnation process, typing away at 120 words per minute to describe it. I expect she'd have her partner with her for the procedure.

Her other option could be to run an ad in the Personals if the sperm bank turns her down. How's this sound: Rubenesque, autistic lesbian seeks autistic male for impregnation. No commitment. That should get lots of replies although some guys might show up who are only pretending to be autistic. She'll have to be careful if she goes that route. The guys will also have to be careful as this method could be a ploy to extract child support. I'd make her sign a waiver if I volunteered to impregnate her.

I haven't been reading Amanda's blog so I don't know anything about this higher functioning act. Maybe the person who told me about this can ask if Amanda wants a baby so she can get a bigger social security check? That would be a good deal, especially if she gets another staff person to care for the kid. Would she also be getting married so the kid would have two legal mothers? Or would they be better off living together so her partner's income won't count against her? I wonder if she'd feed the kid some LSD so it could be just like her?

I'm betting the sperm bank turns her down. I'll watch for the Personals ad. Maybe we can help here. Anyone want to sign up to be the father?

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Anonymous said...

Oh for pete's sakes. Amanda Baggs is just beyond crazy. I mean really now, how many personalities can she have? No wonder she gets along with people like Donna Williams, they must feel like they meet someone new everytime they chat. Baggs is plain mentally ill. Period. And any sucker that buys this chicks story needs their own head examined.