Monday, December 10, 2007

Proof of the Neurodiversity Fraud, Amanda Baggs

I recently came across this letter written by Amanda Baggs over 9 years ago when she was a teenager.

"In reality, many properly medicated people with mental illness (including myself, diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic) are gentle people who have to go through torture from their own minds. I wish you would not make this torture any worse by printing only negative articles about mentally ill people. Maybe you could print articles about the good things that mentally ill people do.I personally plan to work with autistic children and become a psychologist. Some mentally ill people are already psychologists and psychiatrists, using their own experiences to help others. Please show the good accomplishments of mentally ill people, not just the bad ones." Amanda Baggs

It seems that Amanda was a paranoid schizophrenic back in 1997. Lately though, she has decided to be autistic. Did Amanda decide to become autistic so she could land the starring role in "Getting the Truth Out"? Some actresses get their start with pornography. Others get their foot in the door in Hollywood by impersonating autistic people. This would be understandable if Amanda was simply an actress. But, she's much more than that. She's one of the models for Neurodiversity, the strange cult of lunatics who insist that curing autism is killing the autistic person.

Amanda now plays the role of an autistic woman who does not want to be cured. She's very friendly with Kathleen Seidel who visits her and drives her places. Amanda makes Youtube videos where she plays the flute, waves her hands around and uses a machine to talk for herself. I wondered how she could make the machine talk while she was doing all of that hand waving. I must surmise that she had some help. I wonder if it was K Seidel who helped with this? It would certainly serve Seidel's purpose well to have this allegedly autistic woman yakking about respect for autistics and howling that she did not want to be cured. Amanda even claims she wouldn't want to be able to talk if she could. Now, I have heard from several sources that Amanda can, in fact, speak. So, I guess it was one of those little white lies when she said whe didn't want the ability to talk. She already had it.

So, Amanda, now that we know you're a total fraud, will you tell us who hired you to try to make the general public think that severely disabled children would want to remain in that nightmarish state? Can you produce one cured child who asked to be reinjected with thimerosal so their brain could be rescrewed up? We know that Kathleen is much more concerned with discrediting the scientists who help children than with actually helping the kids. Did she put you up to this? Were you hired by a drug company? They would love to have real autistic people running around telling the world that autism was something to be celebrated. Unfortunately for them, they can't find any who have their act together enough to do that. So you took on that role.

I always thought you were a fraud. Now we know. It's time for Seidel and all the other creeps from Neurodiversity to close up shop. You've been proven to be nothing but frauds with this letter. It's time to stop harming children with your deranged philosophy. As if anyone whose behavior was truly so bizarre that they had to be institutionalized could do all of these things for themselves. My claim that Neurodiversity was a sham cult was always based on simple logic. Now we have the proof. Your days of imitating severely disabled children and trying to make the world think it's not so bad are over. I hope someone looks into pressing charges against all of you.


Anonymous said...

OMG. You're just spitting out acuses based on no actual fact. Yeah, that letter... can you prove Amanda wrote it? And why and how did you come over it anyways?

And your "several sourses who know she can talk". There's no credibility there either.

Besides, let me get this right. You suspect she's a fraud because she doesn't have much in common with those you met who are autistic?

You're not an expert on this matter. Your opinions are just an excuse for people who actually THINK to laugh and cry about the tragic waste of space you are responsible for.

Foresam said...

I am the world's leading authority on autism. Baggs is not autistic.

Peter Yardley said...

You are not the world's leading authority on Autism. You are the fraud, sir. You know next to nothing about Autism and you have no qualifications.

Foresam said...

Describe how to cure autism.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mom and Dad:
Why did you change me? Why, dammit? Why?
I was having a good time flapping my hands and smearing myself with my own shit. Sometimes, for variety, I smeared myself with the cat's shit. Man, those were great times!
And the screaming. I LOVED screaming for hours at a time. Sometimes I'd smash my head through a window just so I could go to the emergency room and flap my hands there when flapping in the corner behind the living room couch got old.
Now I'm cured and I have to go to school and have friends and play soccer. I hear I'm expected to go to camp this summer and swim and hike and God knows what else. I'm so busy there's no time left for stimming, let alone head banging.
I really wish you hadn't cured me. It sucks being normal.
Your son,