Friday, December 7, 2007

Amanda Baggs Snows CNN

What I just watched on CNN with Amanda Baggs playing the role of a low functioning autistic was a disgrace. Low functioning autistics can't type anything. They can barely pay attention to anything, nevermind keep up a conversation by typing 120 words a minute. Cute little girls don't usually turn into fat ugly monsters either.

Did anyone else notice the little blond girl who turned into this beastly brunette? That little girl's eye contact with the camera looked normal to me. Perhaps her whole face changed when she was smitten with schizophrenia. Maybe she's not even the same girl.

How come Amanda can focus long enough to type without stopping to twiddle her fingers? One who deals with autism every day knows that expecting a low functioning person to pay attention to any task for long is expecting a lot. This overacting is a dead giveaway that Baggs functions much too well to be considered autistic. Why didn't she space out in the middle of answering a question and go finger twiddling for awhile? Bullshit, this imposter can focus long enough to make her point for CNN without having any autistic "moments".

She wears a buttoned up coat to go outside in Vermont. That makes sense. Too bad autistic kids don't happen to do that. They'll run outside naked and not be bothered by the cold one bit. With Amanda's layers of blubber, I'm sure the cold wouldn't faze her at all if she really was autistic.

I'm also trying to figure out this loss of speech and eye contact. My son makes great eye contact, doesn't bother him at all anymore but he still can't talk. Should I expect that if he learns to talk, the eye contact will disappear? What if he learns to type? Will that mean he won't be able to make eye contact while he's typing? What if Amanda learns to make eye contact? Will she then be unable to type? Can she type while she's singing or would that be too much sensory overload?

Sorry Amanda and the other jerks at Neuronitwitland. You're trying to pawn off autism as something that can be fixed with a couple of grand for a talking typewriter along with a personal servant. It doesn't work that way for truly low functioning autistics. If they could learn how to talk, they wouldn't forget. Such bullshit.

Addendum: I just watched this again and picked up a couple more questions. Could that facial hair be attributed to too much testosterone? Does that explain her attraction to women? Did the extra testosterone interacting with mercury cause her autism? Did that make the schizophrenia go away or does she still have that too?

She makes comments that she thought were humorous but she never cracks a smile. Did someone tell her that autistics don't smile? Did she get that from Rainman, I don't think he smiled much. My low functioning kid smiles all the time. When something's funny, he laughs. I think whoever prepped Amanda for this role has a poor idea of what low functioning autism is. Even the best comics can't help but grin when they come out with a good joke. Amanda remaining stone-faced looks like overacting to me. Yes Amanda, real autistic people smile a lot. You should incorporate that into your next performance. It will make you more credible.

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Anonymous said...

lol. she aint no pin-up that's for shure.