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BP's Coverup

I copied this piece about oil-spill related illnesses here because I copied another piece on Facebook last night about how whales' carcasses were being blown up to dispose of them that Facebook deleted from eveyone's page who copied it. The gist of that piece was this:
"From clean up worker at Ground Zero: Being watched by military. Cell phones confiscated. Birds falling from sky. Seabirds, fish, dolphins, whales dead in great numbers covering the water as far as the eye can see. Air reeks of benzene. Whales are being blown up. Boats and helicopters scooping up the dead bodies. are sick and getting sicker. They believe some have already died."

Facebook gave no notice of why they chose to censor this information.
Two months since the start of the Gulf Coast oil spill, residents, fishermen and experts throughout the Gulf of Mexico are reporting respiratory problems and other illnesses attributable to oil contamination.

“We’re getting sick down here. People are losing their voices; our noses are running and our eyes are crying all the time,” said Dean Blanchard, operator of a Grand Isle, Louisiana-based shrimp distribution company. “I went down to Bourbon Street in New Orleans and the urine on the cement smelled better than the air does down here.”

Dr. Michael Kotler, director of Plaquemines Medical Center near Venice, Louisiana, said his clinic has treated numerous cases of people getting sick from spill-related chemical exposure. The clinic handles those cases that the US Health Service and a private medical contractor employed by BP are not prepared to handle, said Dr. Kotler.

Cleanup workers on the Mississippi RiverIn May, the latest month for which figures were available, the clinic saw 24 oil-spill related exposure cases. Sixteen of these patients were offshore workers employed on a rig contaminated by air-dropped dispersant.

Walter, an offshore oil worker, told the WSWS last month that he had respiratory problems after BP began spraying dispersant near his rig.

“I’ve been working around crude oil every day for six years now. I’ve never gotten a sore throat from it until now,” he said. Of the remaining oil spill-related patients that came to the Plaquemines Medical Center, three were civilians and five were cleanup workers.

Cleanup workers in Grand Isle, LAThe Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals reported last week that there have been 109 incidents of health complaints related to chemical exposure from the oil spill. Seventy-four of the reports were from workers involved with the cleanup, and 35 were from among the general population, according to the health agency.

Earlier this month, as complaints of spill-related illnesses began to rise, BP downplayed the number, claiming only two cases. It attempted to attribute the others to miscellaneous causes such as food poisoning.

Wilma Subra, an environmental chemist in and advisor for the Louisiana Environmental Action Network, said that the health effects of the oil spill are only beginning to be felt.

“The crude oil on the surface formed an aerosol that blew onto land a long time before the slick even made it to the marshes, covering the entire New Orleans area last month,” she said in a telephone interview. “As the slick goes west, the impact area is shifting all the way over into Pensacola, and even farther.”

“I got reports from fishermen’s wives that their husbands were getting sick. But there’s no other work, and all the fishermen engaged in the cleanup are afraid of losing their jobs if they speak out,” she said.

“An organization that I have been working with purchased additional protective gear for the workers onshore, but BP threatened to fire anyone who showed up to work with a respirator. A lot of the cleanup workers are handling contaminated oil with their hands, leaning over it, breathing the fumes with no protection,” Dr. Subra added.

Although many workers were concerned about the health effects of the oil spill, they are afraid to speak to the press for fear of losing their jobs. “In general, the fishermen here are afraid of speaking out,” said Laura Leckelt, a nurse working at the first aid station. “The workers signed a contract saying that they would not talk to press, and it is a breach of contract if they do.”

Although the cleanup workers were reticent to speak publicly, some agreed to be quoted on a first-name basis. Brian said that many of the cleanup workers were concerned. “The big secret is, everybody is about to get sick. This is the calm before the storm,” he said.

Dean BlanchardDean Blanchard, the shrimp distributor, said he suspects that BP has been using dispersants within the Barataria Bay, far outside the approved radius for its use.

“We have skimmer boats reporting oil in the bay, then being told to move ten miles out and hold position overnight,” Blanchard said. “When they come back, the oil is gone. They do it at night because they’re not cleared to use dispersant so far onshore.”

Some people involved in the cleanup said that workers on the beach were generally not reporting exposure-related illness, but many of them were falling sick from working out in the sun for too long.

Laura Leckelt“At first they didn’t have proper instructions for keeping the workers hydrated and cooled, so a lot of them got overheated,” said Ms. Leckelt, who treated several workers suffering from heat stroke.

“The real problem is the workers who are skimming water off the surface. They’re the ones who are most exposed,” said Dr. Subra. She said that OHSA responded to her claims by investigating the work conditions of beach cleanup workers. “They said that since the onshore workers would not benefit from respirators, neither would the workers operating the skimming boats,” which is simply not the case, she said.

“These fishermen are going to be sick for the rest of their lives because of their exposure to these chemicals,” said Dr. Subra.

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Please Help the IACC

Once again, the dishonest assholes from the Interagency Autism Corordinating Committee (IACC) have asked for help in making their plan to waste our time and harm our children. Please take the time to fill out their form as honestly as possible to let these scumbags know that we are not falling for their lies. Here's the link to their form.

My answers are below. I wrote similar answers last year and they published my words so don't be afraid to tear these jerks to shreds. Feel free to use politically incorrect language so they can not possibly misinterpret how you feel about them.

Thank you for your submission to the IACC. This is your receipt, and your answers are provided below:

Introduction to the Strategic Plan

a. What issues and topics should be added to the introduction?

Scrap everything you have now in favor of telling the truth. Stop trying to baffle us with bullshit, take the mercury and aluminum out of vaccines and advise everyone that autism can be cured with chelation. Throw Ari Ne\'eman out of the IACC. He\'s a lying bastard who does not have autism and is trying to prevent us from curing our kids.
b. What issues and topics that are currently included should be modified or removed from the introduction?

no answer

I. Strategic Plan Question 1: When should I be concerned? (Diagnosis)

a. What has been learned about the issues covered in this chapter in the past year?

You morons haven\'t learned anything. Some of us know that the only test worth doing for autism is a hair test for deranged mineral transport. I think you know that too but you\'re too fucking dishonest to admit it.
b. What are the remaining gaps in the subject area covered by this chapter?

Daignostic tools? What the fuck is wrong with you? You don\'t need any tools to determine that a kid can\'t talk. When they spend their days spinning around in circles and smearing feces all over the place, it\'s obvious that they have brain damage. Stop listening to these pseudo-intellectual liars who call themselves behaviorists. They have no clue what they\'re talking about.

II. Strategic Plan Question 2: How can I understand what is happening? (Biology of ASD)

a. What has been learned about the issues covered in this chapter in the past year?

There is only one cause of ASD, mercury. Take all the rest of your bullshit theories and shove them up your ass. You can\'t fool all of us with this nonsense so you might as well cut the crap and start telling the truth. If you don\'t tell the truth, those of us who know it will continue to expose you for the dishonest bastards that you are. Sooner or later, the majority of the general public will realize that you bastards are lying to them and they will probably start picking you off one by one as you walk down the street.
b. What are the remaining gaps in the subject area covered by this chapter?

You assholes have been lying to us for a long time now. Are you stupid enough to think that you can get away with this forever?

III. Strategic Plan Question 3: What caused this to happen and can this be prevented? (Risk Factors)

a. What has been learned about the issues covered in this chapter in the past year?

The APO-E4 protein is passed from parents to children. That\'s the only genetics you need to be aware of. Of course, you are too dishonest to share this information with the public. You can\'t fool all of us by making up bullshit theories about genetic factors because some of us know the truth so the best thing for you to do would be to stop making up inane studies that we see right through which make you look ridiculous.
b. What are the remaining gaps in the subject area covered by this chapter?

no answer

IV. Strategic Plan Question 4: Which treatments and interventions will help? (Treatments and Interventions)

a. What has been learned about the issues covered in this chapter in the past year?

The only treatment that can cure autism is chelation with Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA). I hope a brigade of marines with autistic kids learn that you have been lying about this and they blow all of your heads off. That\'s what you assholes deserve.
b. What are the remaining gaps in the subject area covered by this chapter?

no answer

V. Strategic Plan Question 5: Where can I turn for services? (Services)

a. What has been learned about the issues covered in this chapter in the past year?

The only place anyone should go to learn about autism is here: This is where Andy Cutler teaches people how to cure autism with ALA chelation. If we cure our kids, they don\'t need any services you dishonest pricks.
b. What are the remaining gaps in the subject area covered by this chapter?

no answer

VI. Strategic Plan Question 6: What does the future hold? (Lifespan Issues)

a. What has been learned about the issues covered in this chapter in the past year?

Standard practice is to throw our kids in asylums, drug them imto oblivion and kill them while in restraints, if possible, to save some money on caring for them for 60 or 70 years. You scumbags know that we could cure many of these people but that would reflect poorly on the medical profession who caused all of the autism so you pieces of shit won\'t do that. I suggest that you could improve the image of doctors by telling them to admit that they screwed up and to start helping people correct their malpractice. The ponly way to improve quality of life is to undo the brain damage that you caused by shooting way too much mercury into their brains. All that this requires on your part is honesty, something I think you are too corrupt to agree to.
b. What are the remaining gaps in the subject area covered by this chapter?

no answer

VII. Strategic Plan Question 7: What other infrastructure and surveillance needs must be met? (Surveillance and Infrastructure)

a. What has been learned about the issues covered in this chapter in the past year?

You don\'t need any research. Just call me and I\'ll tell you what to do (603)434-3928. We do need enhanced surveillance to monitor the activities of some real assholes like Allison Tepper Singer and Ari Ne\'eman who constantly spread propaganda to try to convince parents to allow their autistic kids to rot instead of curing them. It would be easier to cut their tongues out but some people might think that was inhumane.
b. What has been learned about the issues covered in this chapter in the past year?

no answer

Other Information

a. What other comments do you have about the IACC Strategic Plan for ASD Research?

The only plan you despicable pricks have is to waste our time talking about this instead of simply telling the truth. So, my advice for you is to stop wasting our time by promoting bullshit that I have to bother refuting. I have better things to do than reading your lies so I can expose your dishonesty.