Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Unbelievable, Amanda Baggs and other Wackos

While this person fits into the autism as a nightmare category very well, she doesn't remind me of any person I've ever seen with autism. I like how she complains about somebody not accepting her answers.

Does anyone have an autistic child who has anything in common with this sorry excuse for a human being?

Amanda Baggs, Simon's Rock College, Johns Hopkins TCY

The video is one of Amanda Baggs trying to look retarded. She claims this is her natural way of behaving. I'd like to hear from anyone that knew her before she started using LSD to learn if she acted like this when she was attending these prestigious schools.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Proof of the Neurodiversity Fraud, Amanda Baggs

I recently came across this letter written by Amanda Baggs over 9 years ago when she was a teenager.

"In reality, many properly medicated people with mental illness (including myself, diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic) are gentle people who have to go through torture from their own minds. I wish you would not make this torture any worse by printing only negative articles about mentally ill people. Maybe you could print articles about the good things that mentally ill people do.I personally plan to work with autistic children and become a psychologist. Some mentally ill people are already psychologists and psychiatrists, using their own experiences to help others. Please show the good accomplishments of mentally ill people, not just the bad ones." Amanda Baggs

It seems that Amanda was a paranoid schizophrenic back in 1997. Lately though, she has decided to be autistic. Did Amanda decide to become autistic so she could land the starring role in "Getting the Truth Out"? Some actresses get their start with pornography. Others get their foot in the door in Hollywood by impersonating autistic people. This would be understandable if Amanda was simply an actress. But, she's much more than that. She's one of the models for Neurodiversity, the strange cult of lunatics who insist that curing autism is killing the autistic person.

Amanda now plays the role of an autistic woman who does not want to be cured. She's very friendly with Kathleen Seidel who visits her and drives her places. Amanda makes Youtube videos where she plays the flute, waves her hands around and uses a machine to talk for herself. I wondered how she could make the machine talk while she was doing all of that hand waving. I must surmise that she had some help. I wonder if it was K Seidel who helped with this? It would certainly serve Seidel's purpose well to have this allegedly autistic woman yakking about respect for autistics and howling that she did not want to be cured. Amanda even claims she wouldn't want to be able to talk if she could. Now, I have heard from several sources that Amanda can, in fact, speak. So, I guess it was one of those little white lies when she said whe didn't want the ability to talk. She already had it.

So, Amanda, now that we know you're a total fraud, will you tell us who hired you to try to make the general public think that severely disabled children would want to remain in that nightmarish state? Can you produce one cured child who asked to be reinjected with thimerosal so their brain could be rescrewed up? We know that Kathleen is much more concerned with discrediting the scientists who help children than with actually helping the kids. Did she put you up to this? Were you hired by a drug company? They would love to have real autistic people running around telling the world that autism was something to be celebrated. Unfortunately for them, they can't find any who have their act together enough to do that. So you took on that role.

I always thought you were a fraud. Now we know. It's time for Seidel and all the other creeps from Neurodiversity to close up shop. You've been proven to be nothing but frauds with this letter. It's time to stop harming children with your deranged philosophy. As if anyone whose behavior was truly so bizarre that they had to be institutionalized could do all of these things for themselves. My claim that Neurodiversity was a sham cult was always based on simple logic. Now we have the proof. Your days of imitating severely disabled children and trying to make the world think it's not so bad are over. I hope someone looks into pressing charges against all of you.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Amanda Baggs, LSD Psychosis or Autism?

Having watched a person who is really autistic every day for the last 11 years, I can state that this knucklehead has nothing in common with autistic people. When autistic children want something to eat or drink, they know which cabinet to go to and they grab what they want without getting lost in the process.

This video has nothing in common with autism.

Friday, December 7, 2007

What Does Neurodiversity Say About Amanda Baggs?

It looks like Neurodiversity doesn't want to say anything about Amanda Baggs. They must be afraid to defend a fraud. With all the evidence that has been published here, one would think that the leaders of the neuroinsane would come to the defense of their allegedly autistic spokesmodel.

Nope, the nitwits are silent. As viciously as the Neuronitwits attacked Droopy for her exposition of Baggs by sicking a lawyer on an actual autistic woman, one would think they would try the same tactic here. But, no threatening letters from Neuronitwit lawyers have arrived. I don't think you can sue someone for publishing factual statements. If you could sue someone for quote mining, Kathleen Seidel and Kevin Leitch would be broke.

Perhaps the ND's are hoping I'll shut up and go away if they don't respond. Haha, not likely. It's kind of nice to be able to criticize this pack of wacked out weirdos without any of them bothering me.

Neurodiversity claims to seek respect for autistic people. Yet, here they are putting up a new age LSD using hippy who thinks she's an elf as their most visible spokesperson. Is that the image they wish to convey for themselves? I don't think they'll gain much respect from anyone when their mouthpiece is having hallucinations about conversations with elves.


Dec 7 1997,

Galiganinda Dulin First I'm going to say that I -know- what this sounds like. Then I'm going to say that it's not like that, this time. Yesterday I was on a long car ride, staring out the window. The Others suddenly told me that they would be relaying messages from the elves I used to live with (and be one of). I knew they couldn't lie, but I thought they might be being deceived themselves. But then again, they know everything. In this universe. Maybe the elves were in another universe. All sorts of thoughts were flying through my head. But I said, okay, what do they want to tell me? They said that I had indeed lived with them. But I knew that. Then they said that in this life when I took acid they were able to get through to me because it changed my... and they said something that I couldn't figure out at all, but it had to do with sensitivity to different realms of reality (I think). Then they said that, like certain forms of magic, acid takes its toll on the user. They said that I was wise to give it up. They said that now that I had discovered the Others I would be able to talk to them, sometimes. I said something like, "Okay, but I have to know you're really real. Do something to prove that you're real." They didn't answer, but immediately a song that I had never heard came on the radio. It had to do with travel between different universes. So I believed them. Then they sort of misquoted Yeats: Come away, O elven child To the woods and waters wild Reunited with your band For the world's more full of weeping Than you can understand I got excited, but said, "Okay, that first thing might have been a coincidence. Give me another sign." I didn't really expect them to do it. Then the driver turned the car on again and the first words out of the radio are, "Trust I seek and I find in you." Now I really believed them. "Are there any other elves in this world?" "We can't tell you that." "Why not?" "Because it would disturb what is going to happen. We can't interfere." "Well take me to your world now then!" "We can't do that." "Why not?" "It's not time yet." "But..." "We'll give you one glimpse of our world. You will see trees as we see trees." Well now every time I look at a tree, there is a new, but very old in my mind, quality to it. I can't really describe it. I tried to stick my hand in one, but that didn't work (I was able to do that in the elf world). Anyway, I'm really excited and happy to be given this chance to see part of that world again.

Anna Salamon Defends Amanda Baggs, Weakly

Someone claiming to be Anna Salamon, an old friend of Amanda Baggs, showed up here to defend Baggs' questionable autism diagnosis. So far, Salamon has not responded to Watson's challenge which follows.

watson said...
Anna, Thank you for responding.

Let's be clear. 'Past, Present and Future' was written by Amanda to give an adult face to low-functioning autism, and to speak vociferously against any intervention and treatment for autism - on behalf of all low-functioning children with autism.

In this piece Amanda gives the impression that she was at one time a low-functioning child with autism. That her speech didn't make a lot of sense, that she was not toilet-trained, that she banged her head on walls and ripped her hair out in clumps.

That is not true, is it, Anna?

I mean, presumably, at age 12, when you were discussing conformity vs non-conformity, it wasn't one-sided, with you doing all the talking and Amanda sitting in the corner, virtually bald, banging her head on the wall, and talking nonsense.

Presumably she had actually read the Tao Te Ching that she lent you - and she hadn't just sniffed and rubbed the pages against her face.

Amanda gives the impression that she had ABA and that although at times she was rewarded, she was more often than not, tortured, beaten, punished, and in this horrific way she was taught to speak. "Non-communicative echolalia".

That is not true. Is it, Anna?

That even though they tried to teach her to use the toilet they failed, and at the time of writing the article at the age of 24, she "STILL" soiled her clothes.

That also is not true. Is it, Anna?

She was using the toilet appropriately at 12, wasn't she? According to Amanda, she had been fully toilet-trained before she was three years old.

Perhaps you can tell me why after being brutally treated, and having watched other children with autism "thrown on the ground, stripped, and tied up with their own clothing... and having "heard them screaming and crying when they were thrown in the closet", she, your friend, Amanda Baggs, wrote in Dec 1997:

"Many children (mostly autistic) at my school use those picture card things. Everything in the room is labeled with them, and they have schedule boards with velcro on them to attach the pictures. When they want to do something, they point to the picture (often with a lot of coaxing).

My school's pretty neat actually.

It's special-ed for ages 7?-22. There are maybe forty students, of all kinds of problems (I'm in the high-functioning class, recovering from schizophrenia). I get to work with one of the autistic girls once a week, and I really enjoy it.

I want to do things like that professionally, eventually. Once I get out of this school and back to college... "
This paints an entirely different picture, doesn't it?

Now, Amanda might think that she "had autism" when she was a child, and it wouldn't surprise me in the least if she had what are now called "autistic traits", after all they are not that unusual even in the 'normal population' but can you honestly say that Amanda's first 12 years were anything like this in this article by Scot Sea.

Be honest. They weren't, were they?

And that is what's wrong with what you are doing coming to Amanda's rescue, just like the cavalry, when any discussion is raised about her past - on AFF, on Metafilter, on here.


Because neither Amanda nor you have lived with Autism. Neither of you have cared for a loved one with Autism 24/7, 365 days a year. Year, after year, after year.

Scott Sea's daughter has low-functioning autism. Amanda has taken it upon herself to speak for this child and for tens of thousands like her.

What do you think will happen to this young girl when her parents are gone? Who will take care of her? Not you in your Maths Department at UCSD. And certainly not Amanda.

Amanda's interests center around Amanda and Amanda's wants and needs. Her interest in autism is primarily an intellectual one. And she loves being consulted and giving advice. After all, she has been doing it for years on various support forums: schizophrenia, PTSD, DID, Bi-Polar,..

She has lived most of her life inside her head and her experience of LIFE has come from the numerous books she has read.

Parents of children with autism, on the other hand, are living day after day with stark reality, in the blood and guts of it all. Our lives revolve every day around someone else, not ourselves. That's the difference.

What you may not know is that since 1999 there has been an active campaign to paint a rosy picture of autism, and, from reading some of the posts at AFF, it is obviously working extremely well.

Stimming has become foot jiggling, stroking one's beard, biting one's bottom lip, or tapping a pencil. Echolalia has become BSing your way through school and getting straight As by storing large sentences and sentence-pieces and recombining them to look like you know what you're saying. Perseverances have become special interests or collections. Having sensory problems is having to remove tabs on clothing because they feel scratchy. Social difficulties have become shyness or not being able to do 'small talk'.

Today "having autism" or "being autistic" means being a geek or a nerd, or getting a certain score in an online Aspie quiz. It means being special and superior to Neurotypicals.

Before this bullshit started, no parent wanted to hear that their child had autism. Since it was suggested in 1999 that Einstein might have had it, pseudo-intellectuals think they have it - or their quirky children might have it.

Only problem is: they don't.

I am not at all surprised that you are supporting Amanda now because you have apparently been a steadfast friend who has stood by her for many years throughout her schizophrenic illness. Not many friends would do that.

But please consider that by supporting Amanda in this fiction that she had full-blown autism as a child and, as such, that she should be free to speak against treatment for children with autism, you are also agreeing with what she says:

"Autism is fundamentally beautiful."

Do you believe that? Now read Scott Sea's article again, and tell me it is.

Sat Jul 28, 09:31:00 PM PDT

Amanda Baggs, Prelude to Becoming Autistic

What Amanda said in the interview and what she was saying 8,9 and 10 years ago...

"Also deliberate retreat into fantasy — not a “disorder” driving me to do this but a choice to avoid reality if I could. "

Oct 24 1998

"Toward the end of sixth grade I started thinking I was receiving telepathic messages from someone, possibly someone who lost a sister... that summer I started hearing voices"

Oct 1998

"I had really lost touch with reality, and was constantly hearing audible voices at that point. "

April 7 1998

"Schizophrenia is not necessarily a complete mental dysfunction. But it -is- a mental dysfunction, most of the time. For a long time, schizophrenia kept me on the sidelines of things. I watched, but there was no way I could join in. The voices were, most of the time, not saying anything "religious" in nature. They were threatening me with permanent insanity if I didn't do what they said when they said it. I do think some of my "visions" (read "hallucinations") may have meant
something. The black spiny fractallene hole I saw on people, I'm sure had some significance. As did the viewing of a city as a circuitboard.
But for the vast majority of the time, I was just outright psychotic.

"I began being sexually abused in adolescence."

Apr 13 1997

"First, I was sexually abused by one of my brothers for a few years.... I was also sexually abused by my grandfather in one instance...."

"Went away to college (yes, at 14, early, all that) which removed the sexual abuse from the immediate picture. (Apr 1998)"

"Then, when I was thirteen, I started dating a boy I met at a summer programme. We went to the same college the next year, and I was excited at living close to him. That was when the physical abuse started. "

"Like right now people often consider me “low functioning” for not speaking because speech is really important to them, I guess then I would have been “high functioning” when I did speak even though my actual amount of communication (even as measured on tests it turns out) was lower."

People think when you lose things it means you were always “normal” and this wasn’t the case with me. I lost whatever speech I had somewhere between 12 and 15 months. When I regained it, it was echolalic. One of my earliest language memories is of hearing my mouth say the words “Saint Bernard” without knowing what words were, that they had meaning, or even that it was my mouth the sounds were coming out. Even when my speech sounded more normal, I had trouble with receptive language, and didn’t always understand what I was saying.

Apr 26 1999

"I was a very well-behaved child who only had to be told once not to do something"

Dec 8 1998

"(She's principal of a different school now) and she said, "You were such a delight in the classroom." and that that's what other teachers remember
about me."

Sept 15 1999

"I was tested 'gifted' in school".

Oct 24 1998

"I started taking classes at a community college... went to CTY for the second summer (a summer programme that does intensive school work but the social stuff is intense too in a good way... lots of unconventional people there) and then to an "early-entry" college..."

CTY = The Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth:

About The Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth (CTY)

"CTY conducts the nation's oldest and most extensive academic talent search and offers educational programming for students with exceptionally high academic ability.

For 26 years, CTY has identified America's top academic students in grades two through eight and provided challenging educational programs through their 10th grade year. Students who score at or above the 95th percentile on standardized tests normally taken in school are invited to participate in CTY's Talent Search, during which they take an additional set of standardized tests used to measure mathematical and verbal reasoning."

June 6 2007

"I'm brain-damaged, and I have a significantly lower IQ than I used to."

"Complex PTSD in reaction to institutional settings in adolescence."

Dec 11 1997

"I know that two months in the hospital was enough to drain just about everything out of me. After those two months, they were going to put me in an institution, but when my parents visited it they said that I absolutely couldn't go there. Fortunately, they sent me to a residential treatment centre instead and the staff and doctors there dragged me kicking and screaming out of my little psychotic hole into reality again. But even now, I am haunted by that other possible future. In another universe, I am probably in the institution now and will die there. I always wonder, why was I lucky? How did I get out of it? I don't think I'll ever know... "

"Went away to college (yes, at 14, early, all that) which removed the sexual abuse from the immediate picture (though I was having physical flashbacks at the time and didn't know what they were). But then I started dating a guy older but close to my age who was at first very compassionate about my problems. Then he got sick of watching my "episodes" and having a "crazy girlfriend" and started using a -lot- of physical force to get me back. Didn't work, but it etched into my brain. (some of the "episodes" were flashbacks from previous stuff)."

Apr 10 1997

"When I was in the hospital, and refusing medication, my mother had them inject me with medication until my paranoia had gone away to a point
where I could take them on my own....It seems cruel but I am grateful for what it did for me, and accept the few minutes of terror that the injections produced. At first, I thought they were trying to poison me, and I would freak out. But after a few weeks (I think) I was clear enough to see that they were helping me."

"Typing was more reliable. I was starting to be exposed to people whose experiences of the world were closer to mine, and their use of words helped me to learn which words to use myself."

May 14 1999

"I hated writing. It made me frustrated and it hurt my hand both from holding the pencil and scraping across the paper....When I learned to type, I started liking "writing"-type assignments as long as I could type them". "Some of this might be due to being left-handed and not having a proper pencil grip..."

I’ve walked into traffic without meaning to.

Aug 1997

Ophelia wrote:

" you ran into the road repeatedly. "

"I “regressed” in infancy. "

Dec 1998

"I did most things early (including talk) by my parents say they were told I took slightly longer than normal with the toilet training (not as long as your daughter)." (i.e. Before the age of three).

"The first book I ever read, quite young, was a field guide to birds rather than an easy reader book."

Sept 15 1999

"I think I was reading around age 9 months, although not diagramming sentences until junior high) It is a part of my reality, because that's what I did."

"I have so much imagination that my pretend play as an adolescent was detailed and full-immersion enough to be part of what got me labeled psychotic."

5 Apr 1998

"I would have hallucinations that I didn't know were related to any of this, like seeing spiders and/or butterflies literally covering the floor, crunching under my feet. I didn't like seeing flower petals and would go to great lengths to avoid them, thinking they were dead butterflies. I also had dreams I thought were real, and every time an object from those dreams appeared in real life...I knew enough to keep this fairly secret (and it was all the sort of stuff an imaginative kid would come up with, right?) "

May 1999

"I remember requesting to go into a psych hospital because something in me was trying to die and something in me didn't want to. I remember being told it was abuse, or previous drug use, or being away from home or various other things, that caused my problems and that I was 'just fine' before I left. "

Aug 1997

Ophelia wrote:

"you tried and did hurt yourself and others. you refused to eat. you went a digging in a school yard and tried to throw a chair through a window there. you ran into the road repeatedly. there aren't a hell of lot of options when some starts doing that stuff. "

"I went to college *and then* special ed in that order."

Apr 5 1998,

"I'm also going to a special-ed school mainly for therapeutic stuff."

"I was in ballet because the alternative given by my doctor was a leg brace. My mother helped move my body through all the positions."

Sep 9 1998

"I learned left from right when I was probably two or three and had been enrolled in ballet to correct a foot that turned in... they drilled it into my head... when I was facing east anyway. Meaning I had to face east to know which side was which for awhile."

"Later on I was forced to play certain kinds of ‘crazy’ by various psychiatric professionals. I gave them what I thought they wanted out of me. To make matters more confusing, sometimes their drugs caused delirium, mania, or hallucinations, convincing me that maybe these people were right about me."

Apr 12 1997

"I'm not hearing voices anymore. I am, however, receiving messages from other beings which use thought in words to communicate... They call themselves the Others, and say that they came from the sky. They say they are like me. They say I will meet them someday, but that now is not the time. They say I won't hear voices ever again if I work at it."

"There is a group of beings that created the universe, but they only watch over it; they don't "run" it. And I should know -- I am one of them, and I am in contact with several of them. We do not demand belief."

"i have thought for years that i was an elf until the past few weeks when my therapists are starting to convince me it is a delusion. "

May 5 1997

"The Lithium helped curb my mania, where sometimes I would think I was God, I'm 16 years old."

May 29 1997

"I attacked someone last night. I didn't want to, and the Others were screaming for me not to, but I did anyway....Does anyone else feel like they are
being used by an outside force to explore, like a probe sort of?... I've realised that I'm an elven anthropologist of sorts. I look human, interact with humans, and study humans. But sometimes I study things that I don't particularly want to because I'm being guided by the Others and the collective elf-mind. "

Dec 16 1997

"Basically, immediately after I (deliberately) broke off contact with her, I realised I was an elf... There is nothing wrong with not being human mind you (-I'm- not!), but there was definitely something wrong with her. And I know very clearly that I need to find out what it is to protect myself and the rest of the world. I really think given the right knowledge and opportunity she could destroy many humans if not the whole world. I think I'm the only elf that knows about her... I'm getting really scared... I suspect that if I find that out, I can use my own knowledge combined with the Others and the Elves to figure out what to do... "

"The randomly-assigned doctor in a psychiatric facility when I was 14 got an overriding impression of autism and ‘idiot savant’ from an interview with my mother (who also knew little about autism), and then met and tested me, still playing ‘crazy’, and continued to believe I was autistic."

Mar 16 1999

"I thought that when I first read about autism, too. It explained everything, but it also seemed 'pretentious' as you said, to believe that I was autistic in any way. Now I have an official diagnosis (which doesn't necessarily mean much) of atypical autism (pdd-nos) "

"When I finally learned that I did not have to ‘play crazy’ anymore, I did go through a period when learning about autism where I tried to force-fit myself into a lot of autism stereotypes I heard."

"In reality I have had two so-called regressions, one in infancy (before which I was also not “normal”) and one in adolescence. "

Dec 26 1998, 9:00 pm

"I can count myself in as a lefty with a high-functioning form of atypical autism."

Dec 7 1997

"Many children (mostly autistic) at my school use those picture card things. Everything in the room is labeled with them, and they have schedule boards with velcro on them to attach the pictures. When they want to do something, they point to the picture (often with a lot of coaxing). My school's pretty neat actually. It's special-ed for ages 7?-22. There are maybe forty students, of all kinds of problems (I'm in the high-functioning class, recovering from schizophrenia). I get to
work with one of the autistic girls once a week, and I really enjoy it.

I want to do things like that professionally, eventually. Once I get out of this school and back to college... "

May 13 1998

"I think I combined the two and thought that the government, who was
out to get me, working through my father....was also exerting mind
control. Yes, I also thought that my food was being tampered with
(but mainly hospital food, where you never know), that a transmitter
aimed at me was causing the voices (the voices told me so, after
all), the TV/radio talking to me, and on and on with the stereotypical stuff."

Mar 1 1999

"I developed schizophrenia at 11."

Amanda Baggs, Article on Fraud

I've been contacted by a journalist who wants to do an article on the fraud that it appears is being perpetrated by Amanda Baggs. There is a fair ammount of information indifferent places on this blog that, when put together, certainly indicates that fraud is a distinct possibility. I also have personal emails that different people have sent me with evidence that I have not put on the blog.

I'm not going to mention this journalists name or where his article might appear for now since Neuroinsane lunatics would be sure to contact him to try to deny the fraud.

I would like to ask that if anyone has more information showing evidence of fraud that they either put it in a comment here or email me at bettwice33@juno.com so I can forward it to this journalist. If the article comes together for him, he has promised to let me see it before publication and I will let everyone know where and when to find it.

Will Amanda Baggs Have A Baby?

It has come to my attention that Amanda Baggs is considering having a baby. This presents an interesting scenario. Baggs has claimed to be a lesbian so becoming pregnant presents a problem. She could go to a sperm bank and buy some semen but, they might not want to sell it to her. I have no knowledge of sperm banks but one would think these places would hesitate to cause pregnancy in a woman who can't care for herself.

One commenter has suggested that Amanda has been acting more high functioning lately. Could that be an alteration in her act so she can seem normal enough to buy some sperm? She'd probably want to make a Youtube video of the impregnation process, typing away at 120 words per minute to describe it. I expect she'd have her partner with her for the procedure.

Her other option could be to run an ad in the Personals if the sperm bank turns her down. How's this sound: Rubenesque, autistic lesbian seeks autistic male for impregnation. No commitment. That should get lots of replies although some guys might show up who are only pretending to be autistic. She'll have to be careful if she goes that route. The guys will also have to be careful as this method could be a ploy to extract child support. I'd make her sign a waiver if I volunteered to impregnate her.

I haven't been reading Amanda's blog so I don't know anything about this higher functioning act. Maybe the person who told me about this can ask if Amanda wants a baby so she can get a bigger social security check? That would be a good deal, especially if she gets another staff person to care for the kid. Would she also be getting married so the kid would have two legal mothers? Or would they be better off living together so her partner's income won't count against her? I wonder if she'd feed the kid some LSD so it could be just like her?

I'm betting the sperm bank turns her down. I'll watch for the Personals ad. Maybe we can help here. Anyone want to sign up to be the father?

Amanda Baggs Lawyers Up


Above is the link to a letter from Neurodiverse nitwit lawyer, Anne Bevington to the autistic woman known as Droopy. It seems that Bevington thinks she can order Droopy to stop defending herself from Amanda Baggs' impersonation of her.

Bevington has gone as far as demanding that Droopy remove all anonymous comments from this blog that she thinks were put there by Droopy. I hope Droopy won't get in trouble with Bevington because anonymous comments can not be removed by the author. They can only be removed by the blog owner.

The problem here is, how is the blog owner supposed to know who put the anonymous comments here. Will I be reprimanded by this neurodiverse nitwit because I can't identify who posted certain coments? What if I believe Droopy and not Amanda (sham) Baggs? Can this lawyer force me to delete comments? That sounds like a free speech matter. I don't think lawyers have the authority to force anyone to do anything. Can she sue me for refusing to infringe on Droopy's right to free speech? I don't think so.

We have Amanda Baggs masquerading as a low functioning autistic person. If Amanda wants to take legal action based on that, it seems she would have to prove that she is, in fact, a low functioning autistic person. A low functioning autistic person might try to eat the keyboard upon which Baggs types 120 words per minute. I wonder if Baggs can work that into her role. Can she type and eat the keyboard simultaneously?

If low functioning autistic people knew how to call lawyers for help, they'd all be getting themselves off of Seroquel, Clonidine and other wonderful, mind-numbing drugs in favor of some DMSA and ALA, and getting themselves out of institutions. Does anyone think this nitwit, Bevington will help autistic kids with that? I doubt it. However, it's interesting that this associate of Kathleen Seidel's will initiate legal action against a true autistic woman. This is just more proof that Neurodiversity exists to harm autistic people.

That's my opinion of the whole thing, MS Bevington. Do you think silencing Droopy will stop anyone else from giving their opinion that Amanda Baggs is a sham?

Droopy, you're welcome to say whatever you want about Baggs here. That is, of course, unless MS Bevington can deny you you're free speech on a blog. This blog is written for an autistic person and, as such, will expose any scumbag who tries to harm any autistic person with blatant lies as Amanda Baggs chooses to do.

Amanda Baggs, MS Bevington, is harmful to all truly low functioning autistic people because she makes the general public think that autism is not nearly as horrible as it is. That lie that sways public opinion helps to prevent a majority of the public from becoming outraged at the atrocity that has been perpetrated on our babies. The fact that the general public is not outraged about this crime of negligence prevents people like my son from receiving all of the medical care that he needs to reverse the effect of that negligent poisoning. For assisting with this sham MS Bevington, I hope you die a slow, painful death and rot in Hell.

I also hope some decent lawyer who reads this will advise Droopy how to get this Neurodiverse nitwit, lawyer off her ass.

ADDENDUM: It looks like the nitwit lawyer has scared Droopy. All of her videos concerning Amanda (sham) Baggs are gone from Youtube. The nitwit can't erase our memories. We know what we saw and we know who is telling the truth. The scumbags at Neuroinsanity may have won a battle by intimidating an autistic woman. Their actions can't alter the truth.

Here's another video that the nitwits at Neuroinsanity will not like. http://www.tacanow.org/video/hope-video.htm
I wonder if a nitwit lawyer will demand that this be removed because it shows them for the idiots that they are with their deranged philosophy of wanting children to suffer for a lifetime instead of being helped.

Comments About Amanda (Sham) Baggs

At 15 March, 2007, Anonymous said...
An interesting little 'audio/visual rendition' of Amanda's 'group of beings' statement can be found here:


Here's Amanda's immediate (damage control) response:


At least this time it wasn't "my psychiatrist brainwashed and made me do it."
To her credit, she does keep it 'fresh' by periodically swapping the excuses around.

No, this time no conspiratorial mothers, no evil brainwashing shrinks;
this time it was merely the drugs, one little anti-depressant to be exact
-- one taken in 1999, a full two years after she posted this in 1997 -- that's a really amazing drug!

Amanda has a long list, advising of which things she's said that you can believe and which ones you can't.
"This was real, no that part wasn't, okay THIS was real, that part wasn't.."

Just how many of these selective instructions are people willing to take anyway?
When does not only the very existance of these instructions, but so many of them finally begin to raise its very own set of questions and doubts in people's minds?

At 20 March, 2007, Watson said...
I see the video has been removed.

"This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by a third party."

I wonder who the third party is....

At 20 March, 2007, Anonymous said...
The sly minx.
Oh what a tangled web she weaves!

At 20 March, 2007, Anonymous said...
I didn't get to see Amanda on CNN. Does anyone know if it's on you tube or anywhere else?

At 20 March, 2007, Watson said...
I don't think so, but the transcript is here:


Oh what a tangled web she weaves!

That's EXACTLY what I thought.

At 20 March, 2007, Watson said...
Amanda has a long list, advising of which things she's said that you can believe and which ones you can't. "This was real, no that part wasn't, okay THIS was real, that part wasn't.."

Yes. Reading through her posts on various forums, on her own blog and elsewhere, it's very difficult to know what's true and what's not. Although what she wrote before she found out about atypical autism is probably more accurate.

I wonder how she explains away earlier hallucinations, delusions and voices which definitely pre-date the anti-depressant....

"I have seen things all my life that weren't there, but I only started hearing voices regularly when I was eleven."

"As soon as I stopped speaking to her I started having memories from the elf-forest. And those memories guarded me against her continued (psychological) attacks on me." "Is it also coincidence that soon after I broke off contact with her I started showing signs of schizophrenia?"

"I would have hallucinations that I didn't know were related to any of this, like seeing spiders and/or butterflies literally covering the floor, crunching under my feet. I didn't like seeing flower petals and would go to great lengths to avoid them, thinking they were dead butterflies. " (Click on quoted text in first post):

This, after Clorazil which she took at 15-16:

"Elves, while on Clozaril. I was forced not to believe in them, and not to connect with trees in the way I had before them. I was especially not
allowed to believe that I was not human (which I'm not, for what it's worth)... those medications can take a lot out of you. I had never believed in things like demons, but I don't think it's a coincidence that it was /after/ these medications when I stopped looking to the trees and the stars and the elves and started looking to the glowing red eyes in the window... "

"They said I was "depressed" at that point, but it was a direct result of taking things out of me. There was a "hallucination" they couldn't seem to get rid of (well, they couldn't get rid of the voices most of the time either but they got rid of good things) which involved a large, spiny, fractallene, black, sometimes flashing hole."

This is what Amanda said about the anti-depressant:

"the Wellbutrin keeps me awake I think... I'm on Seroquel/Wellbutrin/Lithium now... it doesn't make me psychotic particularly..."

I found this exchange from December 1998, before her PDD-NOS/atypical autism diagnosis, very interesting:

"The Others are still up there, I'm still an elf (despite other people's beliefs on that one :)) and as far as I know the "place" I came from still exists, complete with intact elves (not stuck in a human body) and whatever their kind of humans are there... and trees. And I have "thought as one" with the Others, while on medication... since this medication tends to take away that which is psychotic in me, I don't think this other stuff would be possible now if it weren't real. ":

After reading that, it occurred to me that despite her new diagnosis, Amanda might still believe she is an elf, sent by the Others to study humans.

Then I came across this:

Conversation on Institutions

Amanda: Like in my case I'm supposedly out because I'm not schizophrenic, which in part is not diagnosed simply because I stay away from the sorts of people and saying the sorts of things that worry people.

Laura: Yes. Yeah. Well in a purely practical sense, I think anybody who can get any loophole to get out of that system, can and should use any loopholes they have. Because they have no right to keep anyone, so therefore anything and everything that will keep someone out of there, including if necessary lies, it's perfectly fine with me."

So what if by not talking about delusions and hallucinations, schizophrenics can have their diagnosis changed to "resolved schizophrenia", or, like Amanda, "single episode, full remission", and then, given the 'right' background, they could fit the criteria for atypical autism - and be free to call themselves autistic?

Perhaps adults who claim to be autistic or say they have autistic traits in the family are confusing mental illness and eccentricity with autism.

For instance, Amanda wrote in 1998:

"Genetically, I have a family history on both sides of schizophrenia and on one side of perceptual disorders sometimes like autism..."

But today, she talks about her successful brother who was once a low-functioning autistic who smeared, and Gupta says in the CNN transcript:

"There is a belief, though, a strong belief, Kiran, that it is genetic. Even in the case of Amanda, her brother and her father had autism as well. "

I guess he got that from Amanda, but that's not what she would have told him in 1998:

"Genetically, I have a family history on both sides of schizophrenia and on one side of perceptual disorders sometimes like autism..."

I guess "autism" is currently a far more socially acceptable diagnosis - and suits the agenda.

At 20 March, 2007, Anonymous said...
Thanks Watson,

"I guess "autism" is currently a far more socially acceptable diagnosis - and suits the agenda."

I totally agree.
I think that everyone who has contributed to this thread with information and links etc, have proven without a doubt and exposed Amanda Baggs for what she really is - a lying manipulative schizophrenic, pretending to be autistic.

BTW anti psychotic drugs do not cause auditory or visual hallucinations, but LSD does...

You can fool some of the people, some of the time...

The games up Amanda.

Amanda Baggs Snows CNN

What I just watched on CNN with Amanda Baggs playing the role of a low functioning autistic was a disgrace. Low functioning autistics can't type anything. They can barely pay attention to anything, nevermind keep up a conversation by typing 120 words a minute. Cute little girls don't usually turn into fat ugly monsters either.

Did anyone else notice the little blond girl who turned into this beastly brunette? That little girl's eye contact with the camera looked normal to me. Perhaps her whole face changed when she was smitten with schizophrenia. Maybe she's not even the same girl.

How come Amanda can focus long enough to type without stopping to twiddle her fingers? One who deals with autism every day knows that expecting a low functioning person to pay attention to any task for long is expecting a lot. This overacting is a dead giveaway that Baggs functions much too well to be considered autistic. Why didn't she space out in the middle of answering a question and go finger twiddling for awhile? Bullshit, this imposter can focus long enough to make her point for CNN without having any autistic "moments".

She wears a buttoned up coat to go outside in Vermont. That makes sense. Too bad autistic kids don't happen to do that. They'll run outside naked and not be bothered by the cold one bit. With Amanda's layers of blubber, I'm sure the cold wouldn't faze her at all if she really was autistic.

I'm also trying to figure out this loss of speech and eye contact. My son makes great eye contact, doesn't bother him at all anymore but he still can't talk. Should I expect that if he learns to talk, the eye contact will disappear? What if he learns to type? Will that mean he won't be able to make eye contact while he's typing? What if Amanda learns to make eye contact? Will she then be unable to type? Can she type while she's singing or would that be too much sensory overload?

Sorry Amanda and the other jerks at Neuronitwitland. You're trying to pawn off autism as something that can be fixed with a couple of grand for a talking typewriter along with a personal servant. It doesn't work that way for truly low functioning autistics. If they could learn how to talk, they wouldn't forget. Such bullshit.

Addendum: I just watched this again and picked up a couple more questions. Could that facial hair be attributed to too much testosterone? Does that explain her attraction to women? Did the extra testosterone interacting with mercury cause her autism? Did that make the schizophrenia go away or does she still have that too?

She makes comments that she thought were humorous but she never cracks a smile. Did someone tell her that autistics don't smile? Did she get that from Rainman, I don't think he smiled much. My low functioning kid smiles all the time. When something's funny, he laughs. I think whoever prepped Amanda for this role has a poor idea of what low functioning autism is. Even the best comics can't help but grin when they come out with a good joke. Amanda remaining stone-faced looks like overacting to me. Yes Amanda, real autistic people smile a lot. You should incorporate that into your next performance. It will make you more credible.

An Autistic Woman Celebrates Brain Damage


This is supposedly the way one autistic person interacts with the world. Evidently, this is normal for her. Well, certainly nobody can understand her moaning and finger squirming. It reminds me of someone on LSD.

The problem here is that this autistic person doesn't want to talk. It seems the Acid trip is permanent. Unlike LSD users who come down to normalcy when the trip is over, this person wants to stay in her world, far away from normalcy.

I have never tried LSD so I can't comment on the effects but it must produce something that people enjoy because many LSD users will take it more than once. I'd love to hear from anyone who has used LSD to see if they agree with my assessment.

There has to be a way to get inside the heads of people who want to exist in this altered state of consciousness. They have to learn what life can be like when they are not off on an Acid trip. Sure, everything isn't beautiful and normal people don't think of washing their hands as interacting with the water. In normal parlance, many would refer to those on LSD as vegetables. That's why some of them decide they can fly and jump off roofs. They have lost their connection with reality.

Society does not recognize using Acid as a good way to go through life. I can understand the perspective of someone who enjoys this escape from reality and wishes to embrace it once in a while. It's not much different from the alcoholic who chooses to stay drunk all the time though, if one opts for using Acid every day.

Amanda Baggs is off in her own little world where she takes some joy in interacting with the water and playing with her fingers. If she is permanently disabled by having her brain trapped in this different reality, society must accomodate her. Society does not however, have a responsibility to accept this condition without trying to ameliorate it. That's why we have places for drunks to dry out and drug users to kick their habits. We recognize that people who are all screwed up from using these drugs have ruined their lives. We do not encourage people to turn themselves into vegetables.

Amanda and other strange people from the world of neurodiversity think we should leave people alone who are off in this other world and just let them vegetate. I suppose they think it would be a good idea to provide free booze and drugs for those people who would like to escape reality permanently too.

I disagree. I think people who are all screwed up on drugs or booze deserve a chance to regain their lives. I think children whose brains are a mess thanks to mercury should have that mercury removed so they can think straight. Being on a permanent Acid trip like Miss Baggs is no way to go through life if it can be avoided. It is not a complicated thing to understand that there is a different language going on in her head. The solution is not to accept her brain damage. The solution is to fix that brain damage if possible so people can exist in reality, not off in the clouds, set aside from the rest of humanity.