Friday, December 7, 2007

An Autistic Woman Celebrates Brain Damage

This is supposedly the way one autistic person interacts with the world. Evidently, this is normal for her. Well, certainly nobody can understand her moaning and finger squirming. It reminds me of someone on LSD.

The problem here is that this autistic person doesn't want to talk. It seems the Acid trip is permanent. Unlike LSD users who come down to normalcy when the trip is over, this person wants to stay in her world, far away from normalcy.

I have never tried LSD so I can't comment on the effects but it must produce something that people enjoy because many LSD users will take it more than once. I'd love to hear from anyone who has used LSD to see if they agree with my assessment.

There has to be a way to get inside the heads of people who want to exist in this altered state of consciousness. They have to learn what life can be like when they are not off on an Acid trip. Sure, everything isn't beautiful and normal people don't think of washing their hands as interacting with the water. In normal parlance, many would refer to those on LSD as vegetables. That's why some of them decide they can fly and jump off roofs. They have lost their connection with reality.

Society does not recognize using Acid as a good way to go through life. I can understand the perspective of someone who enjoys this escape from reality and wishes to embrace it once in a while. It's not much different from the alcoholic who chooses to stay drunk all the time though, if one opts for using Acid every day.

Amanda Baggs is off in her own little world where she takes some joy in interacting with the water and playing with her fingers. If she is permanently disabled by having her brain trapped in this different reality, society must accomodate her. Society does not however, have a responsibility to accept this condition without trying to ameliorate it. That's why we have places for drunks to dry out and drug users to kick their habits. We recognize that people who are all screwed up from using these drugs have ruined their lives. We do not encourage people to turn themselves into vegetables.

Amanda and other strange people from the world of neurodiversity think we should leave people alone who are off in this other world and just let them vegetate. I suppose they think it would be a good idea to provide free booze and drugs for those people who would like to escape reality permanently too.

I disagree. I think people who are all screwed up on drugs or booze deserve a chance to regain their lives. I think children whose brains are a mess thanks to mercury should have that mercury removed so they can think straight. Being on a permanent Acid trip like Miss Baggs is no way to go through life if it can be avoided. It is not a complicated thing to understand that there is a different language going on in her head. The solution is not to accept her brain damage. The solution is to fix that brain damage if possible so people can exist in reality, not off in the clouds, set aside from the rest of humanity.

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