Friday, December 7, 2007

What Does Neurodiversity Say About Amanda Baggs?

It looks like Neurodiversity doesn't want to say anything about Amanda Baggs. They must be afraid to defend a fraud. With all the evidence that has been published here, one would think that the leaders of the neuroinsane would come to the defense of their allegedly autistic spokesmodel.

Nope, the nitwits are silent. As viciously as the Neuronitwits attacked Droopy for her exposition of Baggs by sicking a lawyer on an actual autistic woman, one would think they would try the same tactic here. But, no threatening letters from Neuronitwit lawyers have arrived. I don't think you can sue someone for publishing factual statements. If you could sue someone for quote mining, Kathleen Seidel and Kevin Leitch would be broke.

Perhaps the ND's are hoping I'll shut up and go away if they don't respond. Haha, not likely. It's kind of nice to be able to criticize this pack of wacked out weirdos without any of them bothering me.

Neurodiversity claims to seek respect for autistic people. Yet, here they are putting up a new age LSD using hippy who thinks she's an elf as their most visible spokesperson. Is that the image they wish to convey for themselves? I don't think they'll gain much respect from anyone when their mouthpiece is having hallucinations about conversations with elves.

Dec 7 1997,

Galiganinda Dulin First I'm going to say that I -know- what this sounds like. Then I'm going to say that it's not like that, this time. Yesterday I was on a long car ride, staring out the window. The Others suddenly told me that they would be relaying messages from the elves I used to live with (and be one of). I knew they couldn't lie, but I thought they might be being deceived themselves. But then again, they know everything. In this universe. Maybe the elves were in another universe. All sorts of thoughts were flying through my head. But I said, okay, what do they want to tell me? They said that I had indeed lived with them. But I knew that. Then they said that in this life when I took acid they were able to get through to me because it changed my... and they said something that I couldn't figure out at all, but it had to do with sensitivity to different realms of reality (I think). Then they said that, like certain forms of magic, acid takes its toll on the user. They said that I was wise to give it up. They said that now that I had discovered the Others I would be able to talk to them, sometimes. I said something like, "Okay, but I have to know you're really real. Do something to prove that you're real." They didn't answer, but immediately a song that I had never heard came on the radio. It had to do with travel between different universes. So I believed them. Then they sort of misquoted Yeats: Come away, O elven child To the woods and waters wild Reunited with your band For the world's more full of weeping Than you can understand I got excited, but said, "Okay, that first thing might have been a coincidence. Give me another sign." I didn't really expect them to do it. Then the driver turned the car on again and the first words out of the radio are, "Trust I seek and I find in you." Now I really believed them. "Are there any other elves in this world?" "We can't tell you that." "Why not?" "Because it would disturb what is going to happen. We can't interfere." "Well take me to your world now then!" "We can't do that." "Why not?" "It's not time yet." "But..." "We'll give you one glimpse of our world. You will see trees as we see trees." Well now every time I look at a tree, there is a new, but very old in my mind, quality to it. I can't really describe it. I tried to stick my hand in one, but that didn't work (I was able to do that in the elf world). Anyway, I'm really excited and happy to be given this chance to see part of that world again.

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