Friday, December 7, 2007

Amanda Baggs Lawyers Up

Above is the link to a letter from Neurodiverse nitwit lawyer, Anne Bevington to the autistic woman known as Droopy. It seems that Bevington thinks she can order Droopy to stop defending herself from Amanda Baggs' impersonation of her.

Bevington has gone as far as demanding that Droopy remove all anonymous comments from this blog that she thinks were put there by Droopy. I hope Droopy won't get in trouble with Bevington because anonymous comments can not be removed by the author. They can only be removed by the blog owner.

The problem here is, how is the blog owner supposed to know who put the anonymous comments here. Will I be reprimanded by this neurodiverse nitwit because I can't identify who posted certain coments? What if I believe Droopy and not Amanda (sham) Baggs? Can this lawyer force me to delete comments? That sounds like a free speech matter. I don't think lawyers have the authority to force anyone to do anything. Can she sue me for refusing to infringe on Droopy's right to free speech? I don't think so.

We have Amanda Baggs masquerading as a low functioning autistic person. If Amanda wants to take legal action based on that, it seems she would have to prove that she is, in fact, a low functioning autistic person. A low functioning autistic person might try to eat the keyboard upon which Baggs types 120 words per minute. I wonder if Baggs can work that into her role. Can she type and eat the keyboard simultaneously?

If low functioning autistic people knew how to call lawyers for help, they'd all be getting themselves off of Seroquel, Clonidine and other wonderful, mind-numbing drugs in favor of some DMSA and ALA, and getting themselves out of institutions. Does anyone think this nitwit, Bevington will help autistic kids with that? I doubt it. However, it's interesting that this associate of Kathleen Seidel's will initiate legal action against a true autistic woman. This is just more proof that Neurodiversity exists to harm autistic people.

That's my opinion of the whole thing, MS Bevington. Do you think silencing Droopy will stop anyone else from giving their opinion that Amanda Baggs is a sham?

Droopy, you're welcome to say whatever you want about Baggs here. That is, of course, unless MS Bevington can deny you you're free speech on a blog. This blog is written for an autistic person and, as such, will expose any scumbag who tries to harm any autistic person with blatant lies as Amanda Baggs chooses to do.

Amanda Baggs, MS Bevington, is harmful to all truly low functioning autistic people because she makes the general public think that autism is not nearly as horrible as it is. That lie that sways public opinion helps to prevent a majority of the public from becoming outraged at the atrocity that has been perpetrated on our babies. The fact that the general public is not outraged about this crime of negligence prevents people like my son from receiving all of the medical care that he needs to reverse the effect of that negligent poisoning. For assisting with this sham MS Bevington, I hope you die a slow, painful death and rot in Hell.

I also hope some decent lawyer who reads this will advise Droopy how to get this Neurodiverse nitwit, lawyer off her ass.

ADDENDUM: It looks like the nitwit lawyer has scared Droopy. All of her videos concerning Amanda (sham) Baggs are gone from Youtube. The nitwit can't erase our memories. We know what we saw and we know who is telling the truth. The scumbags at Neuroinsanity may have won a battle by intimidating an autistic woman. Their actions can't alter the truth.

Here's another video that the nitwits at Neuroinsanity will not like.
I wonder if a nitwit lawyer will demand that this be removed because it shows them for the idiots that they are with their deranged philosophy of wanting children to suffer for a lifetime instead of being helped.


Anonymous said...

Liars hide from the truth. They spin, villify and chase anyone away who they think may expose their lies....they despise truth, so if they are true liars, they will do all they can to come after someone telling the truth, but trust this: there are those of us who are covered by God for standing for truth and thus, no weapon formed against us shall prosper adn every tonque that rises against us, we shall condemn....this is spiritual warfare and the battle belongs to God...he will expose these demonically influcened persons who are held captive to do the devils will and don't even know it. As in Jenny mcCarthy the fake autism mom, amanda baggs, the fake, bless her soul, LSD trippin' gal who thinks she's autistic and the fake Donna Williams, intelligent as she may be, who just aren't what they want you all to think they are..and temple grandin, well, she's severe aspergers, not autistic...but has autistic like tendencies as all of us possess, but her to greater extent...not true autism much confusion in this autism industry and we know where confusion comes from...get a big piece of white paper and start mapping out allt he big names in autism..then research them..what is their historical background? Facts about them? What do they believe in? It seems among all the frauds in autism the share ONE common trait: new age thinking

Foresam said...

Agreed. College students are now being brainwashed to believe that using sophistry is an intelligent way to behave.