Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Combating Autism Act Coalition of Nonsense

Here is the home page of a bunch of groups who are asking Congress to waste more time and do the wrong studies concerning autism. At the top of this list is the corrupt blog, Age of Autism and the corrupt group, Generation Rescue is included in the mix.

This coalition is asking for studies to confirm what we've known since 1999 but nowhere in their demands do they call for anyone to tell the truth about what we already know. Instead they ask for a vaccinated versus unvaccinated study with no call to account for fetuses poisoned in the womb by their mothers' flu shots. I don't believe this entire group of people can be collectively that stupid. Without that clarifier even being mentioned, their call for this study is akin to asking Congress to do a bogus study that will show much less correlation between thimerosal and autism than it should. In essence, it calls for a study that will show vaccines do not cause autism and whioever wrote this crap knows that.

Nowhere in this petition does it ask Congress to state the truth about how we have been curing autism for years by removing mercury from the brain. This coalition should be demanding that every parent of an autistic child be handed that knowledge upon diagnosis.

Parents need to question the honesty of this coalition.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Brainwashing by Internet

I have to laugh at the millions of people who have switched from television to the internet to willingly accept being brainwashed and controlled by the Rothschild crime syndicate. There are "truthers" everywhere and all sorts of brainwashed citizens who firmly believe they are now awake because they understand some of the horror that has been foisted upon us by the Rothschild family and their associates. The Rothschilds, otherwise known as the Illuminati, control the whole planet which includes the internet.

It should dawn on some of these "awake" citizens who can see the brainwashing powers of TV to look for the brainwashing all over the internet too. I think I'm the only one who sees it.

"Awake" people are now stuck in the illusion that, because they know some truth, the evil will somehow magically end. People sit at their computers and join groups who claim to expose the evil all around us. These "awake" folks share information with each other and believe they are doing something useful. They bitch and moan all over Facebook, Alex Jones' site and countless other forums where the Rothschilds laugh at their complaints. These "awake" sheep are no problem for the Rothschilds though because that's all they ever do, bitch and moan.

"Awake" sheep are looking for leadership and, as conditioned by TV, they only find it in shiny places with typical trappings. Some shiny sites use good looking women to promote part of the truth. Others use men who can present themselves well on Youtube. All of these Rothschild controlled actors do a great job at making you believe they're on your side by alerting you to some of the horror that the Rothschild family has created to steal more of your money. And, they do steal more money from you while they're at it by selling you DVD's and memberships to watch their "truth-telling" junk.

What none of these sites ever tell the "awake" sheep though is how to beat the Rothschild banking criminals. I can talk until I'm blue in the face about how to stop the Federal Reserve from robbing us, how to end the poisoning of our children with vaccines and how to stop all of our jobs from being outsourced to China and nobody ever wants to discuss it. The "awake" sheep are still arguing Republican versus Democrat. They believe the Tea Party junk is not just another Rothschild ploy to fool them. Has the Tea party called for a ban on Chinese imports? Have they called for seizing the Federal Reserve? Have they called for an end to mercury in vaccines? No? Then, why doesn't anyone think it's not just a Rothschild front group of controlled opposition? That's what the Tea Party is. That's what Alex Jones is. That's what Autism Speaks and Age of Autism are. That's what every site is who doesn't tell you this one simple fact: Don't ever vote for a Republican or Democrat for any national office because they are all controlled by Rothschild and the Federal Reserve.

In case this brief synopsis of internet brainwashing has illuminated anyone, I hope you will support me for President in 2012 so I can take the United States back from the Rothschild criminals and restore the freedom that was won for us by our forefathers. All it takes is your vote and I can end the Fed's theft, China's theft of our jobs and the poisoning of our babies and I can do it in one hour. We can have our country back and all it takes is to elect a member of We The People instead of a Rothschild owned Democrat or Republican.

Sarah Palin is an illusion. So is Ron Paul. They say a lot of things that awake sheep like to hear but they don't go nearly far enough. As President, I can make Evelyn de Rothschild number one on the FBI's most wanted list and put a price on his head for all of his crimes against humanity that he has orchestrated through his banking practices. Some people will laugh at that thought because it sounds so preposterous. That's only because of the conditioning we have all endured since childhood that makes us believe government is an authority that we have to fear. We don't have to fear our government. They need to fear us. All of the corrupt corporations who bribe our national politicians should have their CEO's added to the most wanted list. We the People don't have to sit still for their criminal actions against us.

Once we eliminate the Federal Reserve, we can return to the days before the Revolution when we created our own money and it was interest free. We have the power to destroy the banks and corporations that rule our lives. We don't have to be subservient to them and we don't have to fear them. In this once great country of ours, we have the power to end homelessness, unemployment and poverty. If we can do that, we'll see crimes decrease to almost nothing aside from those crimes of passion that are largely fueled by drugs and alcohol. And, while we're at it, we can break the drug cartels who cause the drug addicts to commit crimes to fund their habits. We can arrest the bankers who jack credit card interest rates up to 25% if you're one day late with your monthly payment. We can have free homes for everyone in this country and the only people who will suffer from that are the criminal bankers who enslave us. Let them suffer, we don't need them. We can declare that all housing is part of the common wealth and everyone gets one, no cost, thus no need to slave away at a job for thirty years to make those mortgage payments and no inflation that's tied to the ever increasing price of real estate that only benefits bankers. Imagine the reduction in stress that will provide for all of us who have to work to make those monthly payments. Let's end this form of slavery to bankers. Sounds crazy, doesn't it? That's only because it goes against the way we've been taught to think.

When you beat the brainwashing and start thinking for yourself, it's easy to see the big picture and the ruse that we all endure. The ruse makes our homes our greatest asset. We work to get the best paying jobs so we can work to pay for the best home we can afford. These homes get traded dozens of times and, each time they are bought and sold, bankers profit. The only people who earn anything besides paper profits are the speculators who flip distressed properties. Let's end all of this. We have about 18 million vacant properties based on 2009 census data that could be used to end homelessness. We could probably shut down the projects that breed crime and give the people who live in those hellholes their own houses too. We all win and only the bankers lose. We can do this. We can use the internet to network amongst We The People and blow away the TV advertising of the Rothschild owned politicians. We can organize ourselves to stop voting for corruption and elect ourselves to take back our country from the criminals.

John Best (I) for President in 2012

Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Rothschild Controlled Forum, The Tree of Liberty

Here's the link to a controlled opposition forum named The Tree of Liberty. On the surface, this seems like a place where decent people can enjoy a free exchange of ideas that detail the problems plaguing the country and the world.

As with all controlled opposition, a lot of truth can be learned here. However, when one steps in and presents the solution to our problems, these moderators will throw you out very quickly. Since the solution to all evil in the world of politics is to beat the evil swine in elections, the moderators here acted quickly and decisively when I posted that solution on their forum. They do not want any of the decent people who read that forum to know the whole truth. So, we can put The Tree of Liberty in the same controlled opposition boat with Alex Jones, David Icke, Rima Laibow, Oath Keepers and other assorted swine who e4ncourage people to keep complaining but to avoid taking any action to solve the problems created by the Rothschild banking criminals.

Stop Seeking Truth, Win the War Instead

All over the internet, I see well-intentioned people spreading information that exposes deception. 9/11 truth is everywhere you look. Complaints about the Federal Reserve are always in your face. Corexit spraying along the gulf coast keeps popping up and the hazards of vaccines are becoming common knowledge. Mortgage fraud by banks is covered in the same places that blast The Fed while some people show us that Osama Bin Laden was created by the CIA. Then we have all sorts of disclosure regarding UFO's and how that whole thing is just more deception.

It's good that we can find all of this information on the internet that the mainstream media won't cover. But, what do we do with this knowledge? The consensus among those who enlighten us seems to be we that we should bombard Congress and the President with letters and petitions asking them to do the right thing for the good of us all. So, the followers amongst us write those letters and believe in the old maxim that enough public complaints will force the politicians to listen.

I believe that swaying public opinion is now a waste of time since the majority of our national politicians are simply too corrupt to ever listen. There's just no point in bothering them when they have been handsomely paid to ignore us. This was abundantly clear last spring when the Senate voted 62 to 37 against auditing the Federal Reserve. What harm could it do to find out the status of The Fed yet those elected to represent our interests voted to keep this information hidden. With that vote, each of those senators told us that they were working for the Rothschild family and would never represent us. So, why would any person ever vote for them again?

Here is the evidence that almost all of the good people who demand truth still have to overcome the Rothschild brainwashing. The brainwashing concerning our votes is immense. This is the key to Rothschild ruling the world yet virtually everyone refuses to even try to free their minds from it.

To stop the banks, drug companies and corporations from enslaving all of us, all we have to do is stop voting for them. It's just that simple. Yet, any time anyone tries to run a campaign to beat these people in an election, the response of the masses is always the same. Everyone repeats the brainwashing mantra that they have been taught since childhood...that you are wasting your vote and you must choose between the lesser of two evils presented to you by the Rothschild Democrats and the Rothschild Republicans.

Where are the truth-seekers to counter this propaganda? The truth is that you are not only wasting your vote by voting for any Democrat or Republican in a nationl election, you are always voting against your own interests. So, stop doing it. Reject that propaganda and only vote for people who you know will represent you. That's the message truth-seekers have to spread. It doesn't matter if mainstream media keeps saying that your candidate has no chance. Vote for them anyhow. There is no difference between Democrats and Republicans. They both work for the Rothschilds so, if either one of them wins an election, you lose. Keep repeating that to yourself until you are free of the brainwashing. Then tell your friends.

Please vote for me in 2012. John Best for President. I'm Independent. Write me in whether you are Democrat or Republican in the primaries and tell the Rothschilds where to go.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Gov John Lynch's Stormtroopers

This happened in Concord, NH. This is typical behavior for Gov Lynch who's running for re-election. I called his office many times to try to register a complaint against a healthcare worker who performed an illegal act on my disabled son last spring and they refused to do anything to the perpetrator. They did, however, allow that agency to smear my name with DCYF, the same agency who hijacked this couples' baby. Lynch's wife is a pediatrician who routinely poisons children with mercury in vaccines and Lynch won't stop that crime either. This is what citizens of New Hampshire can expect with Lynch as Governor.

Here is Oath Keepers statement on the matter. Part of the complaint to justify snatching this baby was the fact that the father was a member of Oath Keepers, a group of military, police, ex-military and others who try to uphold the Constitution by refusing to obey unlawful orders. I had also joined Oath Keepers so, perhaps we have a pattern of Gov Lynch acting out against patriotic citizens who, unlike Gov Lynch, keep our oaths to the Constitution.