Thursday, October 7, 2010

Gov John Lynch's Stormtroopers

This happened in Concord, NH. This is typical behavior for Gov Lynch who's running for re-election. I called his office many times to try to register a complaint against a healthcare worker who performed an illegal act on my disabled son last spring and they refused to do anything to the perpetrator. They did, however, allow that agency to smear my name with DCYF, the same agency who hijacked this couples' baby. Lynch's wife is a pediatrician who routinely poisons children with mercury in vaccines and Lynch won't stop that crime either. This is what citizens of New Hampshire can expect with Lynch as Governor.

Here is Oath Keepers statement on the matter. Part of the complaint to justify snatching this baby was the fact that the father was a member of Oath Keepers, a group of military, police, ex-military and others who try to uphold the Constitution by refusing to obey unlawful orders. I had also joined Oath Keepers so, perhaps we have a pattern of Gov Lynch acting out against patriotic citizens who, unlike Gov Lynch, keep our oaths to the Constitution.

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