Saturday, October 16, 2010

Stop Seeking Truth, Win the War Instead

All over the internet, I see well-intentioned people spreading information that exposes deception. 9/11 truth is everywhere you look. Complaints about the Federal Reserve are always in your face. Corexit spraying along the gulf coast keeps popping up and the hazards of vaccines are becoming common knowledge. Mortgage fraud by banks is covered in the same places that blast The Fed while some people show us that Osama Bin Laden was created by the CIA. Then we have all sorts of disclosure regarding UFO's and how that whole thing is just more deception.

It's good that we can find all of this information on the internet that the mainstream media won't cover. But, what do we do with this knowledge? The consensus among those who enlighten us seems to be we that we should bombard Congress and the President with letters and petitions asking them to do the right thing for the good of us all. So, the followers amongst us write those letters and believe in the old maxim that enough public complaints will force the politicians to listen.

I believe that swaying public opinion is now a waste of time since the majority of our national politicians are simply too corrupt to ever listen. There's just no point in bothering them when they have been handsomely paid to ignore us. This was abundantly clear last spring when the Senate voted 62 to 37 against auditing the Federal Reserve. What harm could it do to find out the status of The Fed yet those elected to represent our interests voted to keep this information hidden. With that vote, each of those senators told us that they were working for the Rothschild family and would never represent us. So, why would any person ever vote for them again?

Here is the evidence that almost all of the good people who demand truth still have to overcome the Rothschild brainwashing. The brainwashing concerning our votes is immense. This is the key to Rothschild ruling the world yet virtually everyone refuses to even try to free their minds from it.

To stop the banks, drug companies and corporations from enslaving all of us, all we have to do is stop voting for them. It's just that simple. Yet, any time anyone tries to run a campaign to beat these people in an election, the response of the masses is always the same. Everyone repeats the brainwashing mantra that they have been taught since childhood...that you are wasting your vote and you must choose between the lesser of two evils presented to you by the Rothschild Democrats and the Rothschild Republicans.

Where are the truth-seekers to counter this propaganda? The truth is that you are not only wasting your vote by voting for any Democrat or Republican in a nationl election, you are always voting against your own interests. So, stop doing it. Reject that propaganda and only vote for people who you know will represent you. That's the message truth-seekers have to spread. It doesn't matter if mainstream media keeps saying that your candidate has no chance. Vote for them anyhow. There is no difference between Democrats and Republicans. They both work for the Rothschilds so, if either one of them wins an election, you lose. Keep repeating that to yourself until you are free of the brainwashing. Then tell your friends.

Please vote for me in 2012. John Best for President. I'm Independent. Write me in whether you are Democrat or Republican in the primaries and tell the Rothschilds where to go.

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