Thursday, August 25, 2011

How Pharma Defeated the Truth About Autism

Autism is severe brain damage caused by shooting mercury into babies.

Naturally, the criminals who decided to inflict this horror on children did not want to go to prison. They had to have a plan to cover up their crime.

Back in 2003, there were lots of angry parents who knew the truth about this horror. They used to write about the facts and used their anger to promote the truth to warn other parents. These were good people who did not want to see this horror befall any other children.

By 2005, the numbers of these parents began to dwindle. They had been lured by a psychopath who wrote books and stole their voices. He presented a strange variation of the truth and the parents rejoiced, not seeing the deception that would end their chances of finding justice for their children. Undercover operatives had infested the parents groups in preparation for the arrival of the author. They rallied and cheered their new hero. The bedraggled parents cheered along too, too beaten by the demands of autism to question. They welcomed the deceiver, rejoiced in his fame, blinded by the light of publicity.

The author was just beginning. Other agents emerged, posing as parents, upped the ante to further destruction of dissent and truth. The parents followed blindly. The stage was set. The con was played. The truth did die. The standard procedure of causing autism intentionally was now the status quo. The last person who knew the truth was silenced.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Generation Rescue, Liars

Another dishonest entity has banned me from commenting on their Facebook page. Yesterday, I happened to stumble on a link to GR's Wikipedia page. So, after reading the lies that Wikipedia had printed denigrating GR, I edited the page to correct their propaganda. I wrote about my experience with the liars who own Wikipedia and pasted the link to my story on GR's Facebook page. I had hoped that other parents would see how Wikipedia made all of them look like fools and that these fellow parents would use the information I provided to oppose Wikipedia's deception.

Since I realized a few years ago that GR was itself a devious propaganda operation, unbeknownst to the parents who support it, I have been writing about their subversion of the truth. For all the good that the volunteer Rescue Angels do to help autistic children, Generation Rescue's management is hamstringing all of them by allowing libel from Wikipedia agents and other lowlifes to discredit them.

Jenny McCarthy, who I believe was given millions of dollars by Jim Carey when the two split, could certainly afford a lawyer to rein in Wikipedia and their thoroughly dishonest presentation about GR. But, instead of taking that action, GR throws me out of their Facebook page after I reported the problem and bans me from commenting. (I was still allowed to rejoin the group but can no longer comment.)

This tells us that GR is happy with the libel that Wikipedia presents if they delete a suggestion for parents to take issue with it. If you're a Rescue Angel, as I used to be, you have to ask yourself what GR really wants the public to think about you. From the presentation in Wikipedia, one must conclude that Generation Rescue's management wants the public to believe that you're a lunatic.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Edits to Wikipedia About Autism

Anyone can edit Wikipedia, at least until these phoney bastards ban your IP address from doing so. I just edited the Generation Rescue site. MY addition is bolded below. I'm certain that the liars who control Wikipdeia will delete my additions very quickly and they'll probably ban my IP address so I can't add the truth to this page again. So, anyone who is opposed to Wikipedia lying about vaccines and autism should take it upon themselves to visit this page and the truth back in themselves.

Causes of autism

This Wikipedia page is pure bullshit. It is obvious that these lies about vaccines were written by liars associated with the medical industry. Anyone who studies this issue knows beyond any doubt that mercury in vaccines kills brain cells, causes spontaneous miscarriages and is the primamry cause of autism and Alzheimer's Disease. Generation Rescue believes that autism and other developmental issues are caused by environmental factors. Its members primarily blame vaccines, the increase in the number of vaccines administered,[2] and thiomersal, a mercury-based vaccine preservative.[6] Generation Rescue claims that biomedical intervention can help children recover.[7] The hypotheses that vaccines, such as MMR, or thiomersal cause autism are not supported by scientific evidence,[3] nor are claims that diets or drugs can cure autism.[8] Because of Generation Rescue's public profile through national advertising and because its point of view is not shared by the mainstream medical community, its message has been controversial[9][10] and the organization has been described as anti-vaccine.[11][12]

Claims that the MMR vaccine causes autism, promoted by Andrew Wakefield, were declared in January 2011 to be based.....

ADDENDUM: As predicted, Wikipedia deleted the truth in short order. Here is their disingenuous adminition to me and my reply.
[[File:Information.svg|25px|alt=|link=]] Please refrain from making unconstructive edits to Wikipedia. Your edits appear to constitute [[Wikipedia:Vandalism|vandalism]] and have been [[Help:Reverting|reverted]] or removed. If you would like to experiment, please use the [[Wikipedia:Sandbox|sandbox]]. Thank you. — [[User:Scientizzle|Scien]]''[[User talk:Scientizzle|tizzle]]'' 16:35, 3 August 2011 (UTC)
:''If this is a [[closed proxy|shared IP address]], and you didn't make the edit, consider [[Wikipedia:Why create an account?|creating an account]] for yourself so you can avoid further irrelevant notices.''

Fuck You. I know you're a bunch of corrupt assholes who use this site to spew propaganda. My edits constitute truth, not vandalism. You should report to the head of the CIA that THE PEOPLE don't like them being involved in this dishonest behavior that results in harm to children. Again, Fuck You.