Thursday, August 25, 2011

How Pharma Defeated the Truth About Autism

Autism is severe brain damage caused by shooting mercury into babies.

Naturally, the criminals who decided to inflict this horror on children did not want to go to prison. They had to have a plan to cover up their crime.

Back in 2003, there were lots of angry parents who knew the truth about this horror. They used to write about the facts and used their anger to promote the truth to warn other parents. These were good people who did not want to see this horror befall any other children.

By 2005, the numbers of these parents began to dwindle. They had been lured by a psychopath who wrote books and stole their voices. He presented a strange variation of the truth and the parents rejoiced, not seeing the deception that would end their chances of finding justice for their children. Undercover operatives had infested the parents groups in preparation for the arrival of the author. They rallied and cheered their new hero. The bedraggled parents cheered along too, too beaten by the demands of autism to question. They welcomed the deceiver, rejoiced in his fame, blinded by the light of publicity.

The author was just beginning. Other agents emerged, posing as parents, upped the ante to further destruction of dissent and truth. The parents followed blindly. The stage was set. The con was played. The truth did die. The standard procedure of causing autism intentionally was now the status quo. The last person who knew the truth was silenced.

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