Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Vaccine Protesters Needed, Southern New Hampshire

I could use some help from people who know the truth about how mercury in the flu shot causes brain damage to babies. Today, I found the perfect place to protest Rite Aid. There was a parking place directly across the street from a Rite Aid in Derry, NH and there just happened to be a Walgreen's there with their signs out offering flu shots. So, I was able to protest two pharmacies at the same time who shoot mercury into pregnant women and kill brain cells in their fetuses.

If you have an extra hour or two and would like to help inform the public about the dangers of the flu shot, send me an email at bettwice33@juno.com and we'll pick a convenient pharmacy to protest at. You always run into a few uninformed people who tell you you're nuts but you find more people who thank you for showing them the dangers that our corrupt government tries to hide from the public. You just might save a baby from becoming autistic or a senior citizen from getting Alzheimer's.

I pass out a brief flyer to any interested people who ask to learn more which says:
Flu shots contain thimerosal, a mercury compound. The CDC claims that one microgram of thimerosal is safe for a newborn baby. Most flu shots given to pregnant women contain 25 micrograms of thimerosal. Rite Aid will not give flu shots to babies younger than six months because they say it isn’t safe. BUT, they will give flu shots with mercury to pregnant women which logic tells us is unsafe for their fetuses. Simple arithmetic shows that these flu shots to pregnant women give the fetus up to 200 times the alleged safe amount of mercury. No studies have ever been done on thimerosal to prove that any amount of it is, in fact, safe for anyone. Babies do not have Blood Brain Barriers which means the mercury can go directly into their brains. It only takes seconds for mercury to kill brain cells. Mercury thus causes lower IQ’s and results in autism and other severe brain damage for some children who are incapable of excreting mercury. Mercury is also the cause of Alzheimer’s disease.
Learn more: johnbestjr.blogspot.com


capricorn45 said...

If everyone was as active as you doing something about the vaccination fraud, we could put an end to this insanity, John! Thanks and keep up the good work! :-)

ElizabethS said...

Thanks for doing that John. I did the same thing a couple times this summer. My sign said "Vaccines Are Poison".

Robin Nemeth said...

John, I'm sorry, but I'm having trouble managing to roust up enough motivation to protest outside of the stores in my OWN neighborhood, anymore. Did you know that I spent hours and hours on the phone a few years ago, trying to find out what percentage of flu vaccines have 12 to 25 mcg of thimerosal? And then I blogged about it and put it on the internet here:


I can understand why most people wouldn't be interested. But even the head of the local chapter of the National Autism Association had no interest whatsoever.

I often wish I could do what my homeopath (who tells me I'm right) suggests-- stop beating my head against a brick wall. But I just sent an email to the local community college librarian, regarding a book on ethics called Blind Spots that I saw on display there in the library. Page eight of Blind Spots recounted how a colleague of the author had considered not vaccinating her child. But then she read Blind Spots and reconsidered.

Silly, maybe, just to try to reach one person. But the other day as I returned to my car there in the college parking lot, I found, underneath my windshield, a page long handwritten note left for me. Explaining how I should stop disseminating wrong information, and how there's more mercury in a can of tuna.

It gave me a warm fuzzy feeling.

Foresam said...

Robin, Did you understand what I told you about Kirby?

The leadership in the autism community was hijacked years ago by agents who work for Pharma and the government. Mothers look up to these bogus leaders and won't do anything unless they have their approval.

The Canary Party is a huge sham that is run by the same people who run Age of Autism. They advocate doing nothing at all and toss around some high falutin' rhetoric that makes people believe those leaders are intelligent and that they all have to wait to be told what to do. These liars tout the IACC as though it's a group that will actually accomplish something, someday in the very distant future. They haven't ever done anything and every year, they have a session to develop their plan. It's just a great scheme to waste time and hope the people who know the truth all die before anyone ever takes some action.

These same people acted as shills on the EOHarm group and denigrated anyone who ever wanted to incite others to do anything useful. If you persisted in your request for action, they had you thrown out of the group.

NAA was fine when Jo Pike was running it. When Wendy Fournier took over, it changed. Wendy is one of the agents who tosses out nonsense and won't advocate doing anything useful.

Of course, most of the deception has been managed by JB Handley who hired Olmstead, Kirby and Stagliano to try to make all of the parents look like fools.

Foresam said...

Robin, Read you blog from 2007. Nobody ahd any interest in this short blogpost I wrote in 2008 either about Maxim http://hatingautism.blogspot.com/2008/10/exciting-propaganda.html?zx=a2a219415ecb310c

In 2010, Maxim tried, and almost succeeded in breaking up my marriage. They worked with DCYF and had a DCYF employee instruct my wife to lie to a court. When I filed a complaint with HHS about one of their employees who did something illegal to my son, HHS refused to act.

Robin Nemeth said...


Yeah, I think I understand you. I'm afraid I've made a bit of a mistake. Purchased a book for the college library shelf,and had it in my head that EOH would be good anecdote to Blind Spots. On the one hand, it was a good book, I thought. Got an IRE award, for whatever that's worth . Kirby left the EOH yahoo group before things really went to hell there, I think. (I left when I was censored for speculating on whether or not a child who was murder by their parent was on the spectrum.) On the other hand, I'm pretty sure I contacted Kirby regarding the censorship I experienced on AoA. I wasn’t too surprised not to get any sort of response. I mean, he’s famous, after all. But on the other hand, there were ads, I’m pretty sure, for a long time on AoA for his later book. Ads and promotion. And then the movie rights were purchased for his book, then just sat on by Participant Productions. Not that that’s his fault. But nobody ever has been able to explain to me (although I wrote to Participant Productions and I’m pretty sure to Kirby, as well, to ask), or even tried to explain to me, what the rationale was behind that decision.

I’ll think of some other book…

Foresam said...

Liz, Thanks. I think you and Robin are the only other people in the country who have done this.

Foresam said...

Robin, I was first censored by AoA for telling the truth about Amanda Baggs. At the same time, Kim Stagliano allowed a couple of psychopaths from Neurodiversity to do some rank character assassination on me. When I asked JB Handley about this back in 2007, he tried to tell me he didn't have anything to do with AoA. That told me something screwy was going on there.
Then, early in 2008, AoA writers Kirby and Olmstead publicly supported Kathleen Seidel's character assassination of Mark Geier. Olmstead never replied when I wrote to him and, of couse, my comments about this were deleted by Kim. Now, with Mark Geier doing some great stuff in other countries, AoA won't mention a word about it.