Friday, September 30, 2011

Canary Party Protest Announced

When it's money that's the issue, people will protest.

When it's babies brains being damaged, only one person will protest.

When the Canary Party protests, it's much different.

Typical Canary Party Activist (Did Ginger lose weight?)

The Canary Party is a sham organization that is trying to prevent the truth about autism from being known. They exist to help the drug companies who cause autism intentionally by shooting mercury into babies. The psychological warfare agents who run this group have conned a lot of parents into joining them so they won't have effective leadership to help them end the practice of damaging babies brains with mercury in vaccines. Mercury is being used in vaccines to "dumb down" the population. The public needs to be aware of how these liars are acting as controlled opposition to stifle the efforts of parents who want to prevent brain damage to babies.

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