Wednesday, April 27, 2011

More Lies from the Autism Society of New Hampshire

Below is a statement from Kirsten Murphy, the thoroughly dishonest slug who is now the interim president for the corrupt Autism Society of New Hampshire. Kirsten the liar decided to refer to this blog as being beyond the bounds of civil discourse because I exposed her dishonesty after I advised a woman how to cure autism and sadistic little Kirsten deleted that information. Following Kirsten's logic here, we see that telling anyone how to cure auitism is, in her warped mind, "slanderous, degrading, offensive, or inappropriate..."

If you are a parent newly victimized by vaccines that mangled your child's brain into autism, please be aware of the rank idiocy that you will find for advice from this moronic autism society that appears to exist to prevent you from learning how to help your child.

04/02/11 at 01:05 PM Reply with quote #1


Dear Friends,

As President of the Autism Society of New Hampshire, I have again moved to block or remove some recent postings to this discussion board. Regrettably these postings link to an external site that I consider to be beyond the bounds of civil discourse. As stated in our terms of use, "The Autism Society of New Hampshire reserves the right to edit, delete and ban users who post messages that we feel are slanderous, degrading, offensive, or inappropriate, or comments that may be considered damaging to any person or business. By posting on this message board your consent to these terms is implied."

We are fortunate to live in a society with strong protections for the freedom of speech. We at ASNH honor that tradition and recognize that there are many issues related to autism spectrum disorders about which reasonable citizens can disagree. We welcome a broad range of thoughts and opinions when framed in a manner that meets the above standards.

Thanks you for your understanding.

Kirsten Murphy

Interim President, ASNH

Thursday, April 7, 2011

April 23, Protest the Autism Society of New Hampshire at Fisher Cats Game

On Saturday, April 23, the Autism Society of New Hampshire is planning to con the public out of some money so they can continue their crazed mission of preventing autistic children from being cured of the nightmare they endure. These extremely stupid women who run this organization will be receiving $3 from the Manchester Fisher Cats baseball team for each ticket purchased. The game starts at 1:35PM so I expect to show up at noon and pass out flyers to inform the public what kind of sadistic imbeciles the women who run the ASNH really are.

We have been curing autism since 2001 by removing mercury from autistic childrens' brains. The morons who run ASNH are well aware of this but they take efforts to prevent this information from being disseminated to parents of autistic children. One wacked out woman from ASNH, Kristine Caster, who's the Vice-President, even supports the deranged cult of lunatics known as Neurodiversity who organized themselves specifically to prevent anyone from curing an autistic child. This group of psychopaths has been solidly linked to the pharmaceutical industry and acts as propaganda agents to make the inane claim that they are autistic themselves and do not want to be cured. Of course, anyone who knows anything about autism knows that most autistic children can't read, write, speak or even use a toilet and spend their days spinning in circles, bashing their heads through walls, biting themselves bloody, bolting into traffic, screaming in pain and existing in an apparent vegetative state. To suggest that children like this do not want to be cured of their affliction is certifiably insane. Yet, that's what we have representing these horribly brain damaged children on the Autism Society of New Hampshire.

Another psychopath from this group, Kirsten Murphy, President, also sits on the NH Council on ASD where she is the Administrative Director. The NH Council on ASD is one of the most corrupt bodies of scumbags you can imagine and they claim to be looking out for the interests of autistic kids. They now list Dr Jose Montero as a Council member. Dr Montero is the thoroughly dishonest jackass who goes on WMUR TV every year and lies to the public by telling us that all of the mercury has been removed from the vaccines. As a point of fact, I have checked with doctors, asked nurses running flu shot clinics in stores and looked at the package inserts with the flu shots to make certain that thimerosal (mercury) was in the flu shot each of the past three years. The thimerosal IS still in those flu shots in New Hampshire, contrary to Dr Montero's claims. Dr Montero can probably do the math and figure out that shooting mercury into pregnant women can give the fetus up to 200 times as much thimerosal as the CDC claims is safe but I doubt this liar will ever give this information to the unwitting public.

As we all know from doing our research on autism, New Hampshire had zero cases of autism in 1993 among school age children. In 1994, the rate of autism in NH thus increased by infinity, exactly three years after the onset of the HepB vaccine to newborns. These statistics start at age three. Maybe Dr Montero can figure out that babies without blood brain barriers can be negatively affected when one shoots mercury into them as soon as they're born with a HepB shot, maybe not. Maybe, if he can see the logic there, he can also see the logic in what mercury is liable to do to a one pound fetus when that dose of mercury is 200 times what newborns received in 1991 with the HepB shot. I think most would agree that someone who can make it through Medical School is capable of doing this arithmetic. So, I think it's safe to conclude that Dr Montero is lying about everything and is sitting on this NH Autism Council as one more tool in his arsenal to misinform the public about mercury in vaccines, to keep causing autism with vaccines and to prevent parents from learning the truth so they can cure their autistic children.

Curing autistic children by chelating the mercury out of their brains would reflect very badly on the doctors who shot that mercury into the children. I certainly have a very low opinion of all doctors who continue this criminal malpractice since I have rescued my autistic son from existing in the vegetative state by chelating him over the last seven years. If I had listened to morons like Kirsten Murphy and Kristine Caster of the ASNH, my son would still be a vegetable and would assuredly by locked away in an asylum someplace by now.

If anyone would like to help me protest these sorry excuses for human beings at the Fisher Cats game, feel free to call me at (603)434-3928 or email me at . Decent parents must unite to stop mentally deranged imbeciles like the ASNH from continuing to misinform the public about autism.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Autism Society of NH is Hazardous to Autistic Children

UPDATE:  It seems that the NH Autism Society has vanished.  Anyone with information about what happened to it, please comment here and let us know.  Since it also vanished from Facebook, I started a page there to replace it.

Once again, the extreme idiots who run the Autism Society of New Hampshire have banned me from their website. These moronic young mothers insist on lying to parents of autistic children by deleting the facts about how mercury in vaccines causes the brain damage that is named "Autism".

I have been trying to educate these morons for about 12 years now, ever since we first learned from the CDC that mercury was the cause of autism. Over the last few days, I posted on this forum as Betty Weiss since I knew I'd be kicked out immediately if I used my real name. I tried to disseminate information about how to solve the budget crisis that New Hampshire faces by asking for help to compel our legislature to ban mercury from vaccines and stop causing autism. I also advised a distraught mother how to cure her child.

One really has to wonder about the sanity of the people who run this website that allegedly exists to help autistic children. These liars will post all sorts of drivel about using ABA to cure autism, an insane practice that only fills the bank accounts of the trained apes who torture autistic kids with this gestapo style therapy. Think about it. Kids are autistic because they have mercury in their brains and these profiteers have conned people into believing that educational approaches can do something while the mercury remains in the brain causing the kid pain and horror.

It's no wonder that the liars who run ASNH won't even discuss the matter of how we really cure autism. The only conclusion one can draw is that they would be losing money if naive parents who listen to their bullshit cured their kids by removing the mercury from their childrens' brains.