Wednesday, April 27, 2011

More Lies from the Autism Society of New Hampshire

Below is a statement from Kirsten Murphy, the thoroughly dishonest slug who is now the interim president for the corrupt Autism Society of New Hampshire. Kirsten the liar decided to refer to this blog as being beyond the bounds of civil discourse because I exposed her dishonesty after I advised a woman how to cure autism and sadistic little Kirsten deleted that information. Following Kirsten's logic here, we see that telling anyone how to cure auitism is, in her warped mind, "slanderous, degrading, offensive, or inappropriate..."

If you are a parent newly victimized by vaccines that mangled your child's brain into autism, please be aware of the rank idiocy that you will find for advice from this moronic autism society that appears to exist to prevent you from learning how to help your child.

04/02/11 at 01:05 PM Reply with quote #1


Dear Friends,

As President of the Autism Society of New Hampshire, I have again moved to block or remove some recent postings to this discussion board. Regrettably these postings link to an external site that I consider to be beyond the bounds of civil discourse. As stated in our terms of use, "The Autism Society of New Hampshire reserves the right to edit, delete and ban users who post messages that we feel are slanderous, degrading, offensive, or inappropriate, or comments that may be considered damaging to any person or business. By posting on this message board your consent to these terms is implied."

We are fortunate to live in a society with strong protections for the freedom of speech. We at ASNH honor that tradition and recognize that there are many issues related to autism spectrum disorders about which reasonable citizens can disagree. We welcome a broad range of thoughts and opinions when framed in a manner that meets the above standards.

Thanks you for your understanding.

Kirsten Murphy

Interim President, ASNH

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