Saturday, April 2, 2011

Autism Society of NH is Hazardous to Autistic Children

UPDATE:  It seems that the NH Autism Society has vanished.  Anyone with information about what happened to it, please comment here and let us know.  Since it also vanished from Facebook, I started a page there to replace it.

Once again, the extreme idiots who run the Autism Society of New Hampshire have banned me from their website. These moronic young mothers insist on lying to parents of autistic children by deleting the facts about how mercury in vaccines causes the brain damage that is named "Autism".

I have been trying to educate these morons for about 12 years now, ever since we first learned from the CDC that mercury was the cause of autism. Over the last few days, I posted on this forum as Betty Weiss since I knew I'd be kicked out immediately if I used my real name. I tried to disseminate information about how to solve the budget crisis that New Hampshire faces by asking for help to compel our legislature to ban mercury from vaccines and stop causing autism. I also advised a distraught mother how to cure her child.

One really has to wonder about the sanity of the people who run this website that allegedly exists to help autistic children. These liars will post all sorts of drivel about using ABA to cure autism, an insane practice that only fills the bank accounts of the trained apes who torture autistic kids with this gestapo style therapy. Think about it. Kids are autistic because they have mercury in their brains and these profiteers have conned people into believing that educational approaches can do something while the mercury remains in the brain causing the kid pain and horror.

It's no wonder that the liars who run ASNH won't even discuss the matter of how we really cure autism. The only conclusion one can draw is that they would be losing money if naive parents who listen to their bullshit cured their kids by removing the mercury from their childrens' brains.


Anonymous said...

I grew up in Brooklyn 70 years ago there was no children with autism. Of course they stated we would not have known them as they were not given a diagnosis then. All I can say is something evil is going on in this country that only people with money should have power over us. Our youth is being stolen away.

Anonymous said...

I don't know WHICH ABA therapists YOU have encountered, but *I* personally am NOT an "ape".

I use it to HELP my kids. A lot of my kids have gained TREMENDOUS amount of skills such as vocal language, academic skills, social skills, and life skills. Without the therapy they wouldn't have learned these skills.

Also, I have worked w/ kids who NEVER got any vaccines (b/c of religious reasons) and STILL have Autism, therefore, NOT all cases of Autism are "vaccines induced." - So again, your theory that ALL of them have mecury poisioning is wrong.

SOME have it, SOME don't. That is why Autism is SO complex.

Foresam said...

There are many liars who claim their kids have autism and they were never vaccinated. We would have to have a discussion about this to arrive at the truth.

What we do know beyond any doubt is that all autism is caused by mercury. Ergo, it is impossible to cure a child of autism with any method does not remove mercury from the brain.

Apes are not known for their ability to think. Any moron can be trained to employ ABA and torture a child with it who is absolutely incapable of responding because the mercury in his brain will not allow him to respond.

Your contentions here are suspect because you refuse to give your name. Liars always hide in an anonymity because they are afraid of the ridicule they will face when I expose them as liars.

Anonymous said...

Didn't you say in your blog that you posed a woman when leaving a post on a website, ergo concealing your identity, ergo proving your self a liar? Kudos to New Hampshire for keeping your demented line of thinking from harming our autistic children. My son is high functioning autistic....he's not rithing in pain from mercury in his brain, nor is he unable to communicate if he had pain. He has had ABA consistantly over the last seven years and has shown tremendous improvement. Keep your ignorant and demented thinking to sir are the potential damage to children with autism. Just one confused parent who listens to your crazy talk means one child who goes without help. Se a mental health clinic soon.....

Foresam said...

I appreciate comments from the mentally challenged so thanks for commenting.
Your son has brain damage from mercury, as do all people on the autism spectrum. Instead of wasting all that money on ABA, you should've bought a bottle of ALA for $6 and cured him. But, then the liars who work with the ASNH wouldn't have earned any profit from you. They love people like you who are easy to lie to. When your brain damaged kid goes berserk and starts shooting his classmates, you might then want to consider ALA instead of ABA.

ursulamargrit said...

For your information, Foresam, I am on the autism spectrum (I have Asperger Syndrome). I grew up in Germany, and the only vaccines I've had were smallpox as a toddler, and the polio vaccine at the age of seven (oral).
Meaning, I never had any vaccines with mercury. I also didn't live near any industry I could have gotten mercury from.
My father and at least four of my six brothers and my sister also are on the spectrum (with my sister being much more obviously autistic, even though still high functioning).
NONE of us got autism from mercury. In our case it appears to be genetic.
Also, the MMR doesn't contain mercury, as it has live virus in it, and mercury will kill live viruses. But the MMR will cause brain inflammation, which also leads to autism.
Detoxing those kids of mercury will do no good, as that isn't their problem.

Foresam said...

I thought Hitler got rid of all the defective Germans. So, anyone on the spectrum in Germany is a great argument against it being caused by genetics.
Part of the problem is that all sorts of things are lumped in with the autism that's caused by mercury. Early stat's showed that about 75% of kids improved with chelation but there are all sorts of reasons that the other 25% did not show any improvement. It's really too complicated to get into here.
All that's involved here is maniacal women who think they have all the answers while they run their little fiefdom. These idiots are hurting children by denying them the truth.