Thursday, March 31, 2011

NH Budget Protest Rally

I went to the protest rally in Concord, NH today and handed out 250 flyers as shown in my previous blogpost. I encountered a handful of allegedly educated people who were quite adept at repeating the propaganda that is disseminated by the corrupt medical industry. These few jackasses were much too "smart" to learn any facts that I was presenting in my flyer. And, to a man, they were all so "smart" that they wouldn't even look at the facts I was presenting.

I also met a few hundred people who were much more reasonable than that handful of simpletons and they thanked me for providing them with information about how our medical industry poisons our babies. Some were parents of autistic kids themselves and were well aware of the crime that causes autism through mercury in vaccines. Others were not aware of this crime against children but had open minds and were receptive to learning new information.

I plan on going back to the State House to pass out similar flyers to our state Rep's and Senators in the hope that they will listen to reason and end the practice of shooting mercury into fetuses and infants. I would welcome assistance from any other people who consider themselves advocates for the disabled so we can end this nightmare for our children.
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