Tuesday, March 29, 2011

NH Buffoons Fight Budget Battle to Prevent Autistic Kids from Being Cured

I've been trying to educate the buffoons in New Hampshire who allege to represent disabled people for over ten years. Two simple facts have been beyond the grasp of every state employee though. Fact #1, Mercury causes autism. Fact #2, Removing mercury from the brain cures autism.

One would think that alleged professionals who exist for the purpose of helping disabled people would show at least a little bit of interest when you tell them that you know how to cure autism, a nightmarish condition that had always been thought to be incureable. One would also think that these people would have some interest in preventing more children from having their brains mangled by mercury into the condition known as autism. Unfortunately for autistic children though, our state employees have some serious mental deficiencies themselves and refuse to acquire this knowledge that I keep trying to convey to them. Whether these employees are corrupt or just plain stupid is not a question that I have to answer.

As an autism researcher, I learned these facts from the scientists who discovered them. I learned that mercury was the cause of autism in 1999. I later learned exactly what mercury did to cause this horror to children, how it killed brain cells and impaired methylation which is the reason autistic children are incapable of paying attention to anything and can not learn like normal children. By 2001, I had learned how to use Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA), DMSA and DMPS to safely remove mercury from the brain and cure autism. Yet, here we are in NH, 12 years later, and no state employee has learned this information. Mercury is still injected into babies and pregnant women to cause autism and no NH employee will warn parents about this danger. Autistic children continue to bash their heads through walls, run haphazardly into traffic, bite themselves, punch themselves in the head, smear feces all over the house and exist in a state that can only be precisely identified as "vegetating", and no NH employee who is supposed to represent these children will tell anyone how to solve the problem. Instead, they keep promoting obsolete practices that never cured any autistic child and begging for more taxpayer money to throw down the drain.

A protest rally is being held on Thursday, March 31, 2011 at the State House where these state employees are going to beg for money to support disabled people. The money is needed and the cause is a just one. If these budget cuts aren't stopped, disabled people and their familiess are going to suffer. However, win or lose, autistic children in NH are going to lose. The knowledge that exists to cure and prevent autism is not going to be disseminated. Autistic children cost the state over $100,000 per year for education and in-home supports. This cost vanishes for each autistic child who we cure. This cost never exists for each case of autism we prevent by ending the practice of poisoning babies and fetuses with mercury in vaccines. Nobody associated with this rally will tell the citizens of NH the truth about autism which will save tens of millions of dollars. While they beg for money to extend the status quo, they condemn autistic children to remain brain damaged.

Right now, the NH Autism Council is playing games with two bills that I wrote, one to ban thimerosal from all vaccines and the other to compel NH HHS to tell people the truth about how to cure autism. This NH Autism Council is acting directly to continue causing autism intentionally by shooting mercury into babies. They are also acting intentionally to prevent parents from learning how to cure autistic children. Parents need to know the truth about the scumbags in the state of NH who refuse to do what is right for autistic children. They need to contact their state Rep's and Senators to attack this corrupt Autism Council, disband it, and back these two bills that will save us untold millions and help our children. We can not trust our state employees to do the right thing. Some are probably corrupt. I think most of them are simply too stupid for words.

If you need help for an autistic child, feel free to call me at (603)434-3928 or email me at bettwice33@juno.com and I'll be happy to show you how to cure autism. All it costs is $30 to $40 per month for supplements. The information is free. We can all help our kids in spite of the idiot NH employees who won't get their heads out of their asses.
John Best
Londonderry, NH

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