Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Flyer for Idiot Public Employees in New Hampshire


Autism is caused by mercury, mostly from vaccines.

Autism is cured by removing mercury from the brain.

The flu shot still contains the full dose of mercury. The medical profession has known that mercury in vaccines is the cause since 1999 but they insist on lying about this. Shooting mercury into a pregnant woman gives the fetus up to 200 times the dose of mercury that the CDC claims is safe. This tells us that the medical profession is intentionally causing autism. They can not possibly be so stupid that they do not understand this fact.

One key in causing autism is to shoot it into infants before they develop a blood brain barrier (BBB) which can prevent mercury from entering the brain. The BBB develops by about one month of age.

Aluminum has been increased in many vaccines as mercury has been reduced. Aluminum “eats” holes in the BBB making it easier for mercury to enter. Aluminum combines with mercury to make the mercury more toxic.

People with the APO-E4 protein can not excrete any heavy metals. When mercury enters their brains, it remains there forever, slowly killing brain cells. Over 40% of people with Alzheimer’s disease have the APO-E4 protein.

Males are four times more likely to become autistic than females. Testosterone interacts with mercury to kill brain cells more quickly while estrogen has the opposite effect.

All vaccines can be made safely with no mercury by using single dose vials for a few cents more per shot. Please insist that your State Representative contact Rep Al Baldasaro and co-sponsor a bill to remove all mercury from vaccines in New Hampshire. This will eliminate almost all autism and save NH billions in the long run. It will also save kids from a horrible existence.

John Best (603)434-3928 Londonderry, NH


amy milbauer said...

How are you removing the mecury from childrens brains?

Foresam said...

Chelation with Alpha Lipoic Acid.

Deanna Thompson said...
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Foresam said...

Deanna, It's clear that you're not too bright and not too honest. No studies have been done at all on chelation, at least not legitimate ones. Instead of doing studies, sane and honest people simply cure the victims. There's no need for us to do any studies.
We know that mercury caused the autism so it only made sense to remove the mercury using ALA and see if it would help those victims. It did! Lots of kids have been cured. Your simpletons who present blatant lies about chelation killing children probably used the wrong drugs in their alleged studies. I'm not going to pay them $30 to read their dishonest study. I doubt they have the guts to present their study to me in a public venue so I can make fools out of them in public. Why don't you ask these liars if they are willing to do that?

Deanna Thompson said...

Maybe people who strongly disagree with your arguments, such as myself would actually take a second to listen to what you had to say if you focused your energy into your stance on the subject rather than spewing immature, disrespectful put-downs at your opponent. Arguing with you is virtually no different than arguing with a stubborn 3rd grader, adapt with nothing more than name-calling as a defensive response. Good day to you.

Foresam said...

Deanna, Nobody disagrees with me. The liars like you know I'm telling the truth so you call me names and clutch at any straw you can grab to make your lies appear genuine.

While I help autistic children by telling the truth, you and your associate psychopaths try to deny the facts I present so you can watch those horribly damaged kids suffer some more.

Thimerosal causes autism and chelation cures it. Arguing against those facts just tells the world that you're a liar.