Friday, May 6, 2011

Dr Mark Geier Railroaded by Doctors Who Poison Babies

Here's the dishonest decision from Dr Harry C Knipp, Vice Chair of the Maryland State Board of Physicians in the suspension of Dr Mark Geier's license to practice medicine.

The important fact in this case that Dr Knipp ignored is that Dr Geier has helped hundreds of children recover from the malpractice that the Maryland Board of Physicians endorses, shooting mercury into infants to mangle their brains. Knipp acted on a complaint from a citizen, which sounds suspiciously like the character assassination that was perpetrated by Kathleen Seidel back in 2006. Seidel is a well known liar who claims to have an autistic daughter, even though the kid looks like she has Downs Syndrome. She is associated with a group of liars from the Pharmaceutical industry who have spent years disseminating thoroughly dishonest opinions about autism and vaccines, going so far as to suggest that anyone who tries to cure an autistic child is killing the child within by repairing their brain damaged.

Rather than listening to parents whose children were cured or improved by Dr Geier's treatments, this nutty Dr Knipp decided to go along with a complaint that was most likely filed by an insane person who is opposed to curing anyone of the mercury induced brain damage known as autism. A rational and honest person hearing this case would investigate the background of complaining patients since it is not out of the realm of possibility that some shill from the vaccine industry may have become a patient of Dr Geier to set him up with bogus information leading to questions about his treatments. But, when the object of an investigation is to railroad an honest doctor, these obvious questions that any intelligent person would ask are not presented.

We can see that Dr Knipp is a liar by his references to the 2004 IOM report. We all know that that report was so ordered by the CDC before the evidence was presented. The evidence has been proven true and accurate by virtue of the fact that parents do cure autistic children completely by chelating mercury out of their brains, a treatment that the dishonest Knipp refers to as dangerous. Dr Knipp further exposes himself as a dishonest person by referencing a thoroughly dishonest Chicago Tribune article written by Trine Tsouderos which was nothing more than character assassination against Dr Geier. For any supposedly educated person to use such libel as a reference is ludicrous.

In rendering his decision, Dr Knipp dwelled on specific instances of alleged questionable practices. Since the tacit objective of any MD is to relieve patients of suffering though, we have to ask Dr Knipp why he chose to select nine patients' records to railroad Dr Geier instead of selecting about 500 other patients' records to examine the benefit to the brain damaged children whose condition may have been reversed or improved thanks to Dr Geier.

Dr Knipp did not ask this question in assessing the case. As a parent of a severely autistic child who has done over 100 rounds of chelation and provoked elimination of painful symptoms as well as great mental improvement in my son's condition, I have certainly become much more of an expert on autism than a dishonest Dr Knipp will ever be. I administered chelation and plucked my son out of the abject abyss of autism with no problems whatsoever, yet Dr Knipp lies to the world in his opinion to warn people against using this treatment that reverses the brain damage caused by injecting way too much mercury into newborn babies.

With this dishonesty, Dr Knipp is causing autistic children to suffer for a lifetime.

Dr Geier cures autistic children.

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