Monday, May 9, 2011

Age of Autism Silent on Dr Mark Geier

Since Dr Mark Geier was railroaded by the Maryland State Board of Physicians and the thoroughly corrupt Dr Harry Knipp, the Age of Autism(AoA) blog has had nothing to say. Given their history of championing Dr Wakefield's loss of his license, one would expect that AoA would be even more enraged by this bogus attack on Dr Geier. The fact that they have nothing to say for a second time while Dr Geier is libelled all over the internet should lead anyone who reads this dishonest blog to question their motives.

AoA engaged in propaganda with their defense of Dr Wakefield. Defending Dr Wakefield was the right thing to do, but AoA's motivation for doing so seems to be because they were promoting a Red Herring. Dr Wakefield never stated that the MMR vaccine caused autism. He only claimed that it caused bowel disease in autistic children. So, shouting an all out defense of Dr Wakefield as loudly as they could was a misplaced support of a situation that was entirely false on all fronts. AoA promoted the notion that the MMR vaccine was the cause of autism, something we know is simply not true. Mercury is the cause of autism.

Now that the man who proved the facts about thimerosal (mercury) being the cause of autism is under attack, AoA has nothing to say. One would think that these queers and liars who write AoA would be extremely upset that the criminal medical industry who poisoned our children into autism has railroaded Dr Geier who proved that fact. Yet, they have nothing to say. Dr Geier cures autistic children, something one would think would be of interest to AoA. How can they refuse to come a doctor's defense who may have cured the children of many of their readers?

AoA is made up of the same jackasses who go on TV and make inane claims about too many vaccines causing autism while they fail to mention the fact that mercury in the flu shot to pregnant women is up to 200 times the amount that the CDC claims is safe. They also have a queer who writes for them who claims we haven't proven that mercury causes autism yet and that he would never support the treatments we use to cure autism.

AoA does a wonderful job of attacking people like Paul Offit to make themselves appear like they are on the side of parents with autistic children. They also misdirect parents to become concerned over ridiculous government groups like the IACC who obviously exists for one purpose, to waste our time.

Parents of autistic children have to ask themselves what AoA is really doing when this propaganda blog ignores a license being pulled from Dr Geier, a man who is so scary to the pharmaceutical industry that they have had hundreds of their shill bloggers defaming him for years. You have to ask why AoA doesn't support the man who helped give all of us the knowledge by which we learned to cure our children.

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