Saturday, May 14, 2011

JB Handley, Baby Mangling Maggot

JB Handley has gone on TV four times that I've seen and lied about how mercury mangles babies' brains to cause autism and death. Handley does this by refusing to mention thimerosal or the fact that flu shots to pregnant women can give their fetus up to 200 times the dose of mercury that the CDC claims is safe.

Handley is the founder of Generation Rescue who showed up amongst parents of autistic children in 2005 and firmly stated that all autism was caused by mercury. Now, he lies to the whole world on CNN whenever he has the chance and tells people that too many vaccines cause autism while conveniently forgetting to mention mercury at all.

Handley also founded the blog that is now named Age of Autism. This blog has David Kirby as their star writer, a horse's ass who claims we still need proof that mercury causes autism. We've been curing autism for over ten years by removing the mercury with chelation and here's this liar using his pulpit to tell the world that we still need proof.

Intelligent people don't listen to mealy mouthed imbeciles like Kirby but it's really annoying to watch Kirby use the media to tell unsuspecting parents that nobody knows if mercury in vaccines is a problem or not. Of course it's a problem, as proven by all of the autistic kids who were cured by removing mercury from their brains.

Why any rational parent asociates with this Age of Autism blog is beyond me. They refuse to tell anyone the truth about autism and, in effect, cause autism themselves with their dishonest appraisal of the vaccine situation. Can Handley be an actual parent who cares about doing what's right for autistic kids and unborn babies when he refuses to tell the whole truth? Is it more likely that he's some sort of agent who was sent to gain our trust for a little while before he started his quest to lie to the world about how autism is caused? I think he should explain himself to every mother who had a spontaneous miscarriage after a mercury filled flu shot or who had a severely brain damaged baby thanks to that mercury.

Lots of peole trust this liar while he goes on TV and lies to help the vaccine industry cover up the truth. It's a pretty good lie because he has a bunch of other liars supporting him and touting this too many vaccines nonsense when most of those vaccines have no mercury in them. If he mentioned the flu shot at all, he could justify the other nonsense by saying it was a possibility that hasn't been proven or disproven. But, to ignore that mercury filled flu shot to tiny fetuses and the damage we know it causes tells us beyond any doubt that JB Handley must be a vaccine industry agent.

Sane and honest parents need to squash this Age of Autism dishonesty.

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