Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Combating Autism Act Coalition of Nonsense

Here is the home page of a bunch of groups who are asking Congress to waste more time and do the wrong studies concerning autism. At the top of this list is the corrupt blog, Age of Autism and the corrupt group, Generation Rescue is included in the mix.

This coalition is asking for studies to confirm what we've known since 1999 but nowhere in their demands do they call for anyone to tell the truth about what we already know. Instead they ask for a vaccinated versus unvaccinated study with no call to account for fetuses poisoned in the womb by their mothers' flu shots. I don't believe this entire group of people can be collectively that stupid. Without that clarifier even being mentioned, their call for this study is akin to asking Congress to do a bogus study that will show much less correlation between thimerosal and autism than it should. In essence, it calls for a study that will show vaccines do not cause autism and whioever wrote this crap knows that.

Nowhere in this petition does it ask Congress to state the truth about how we have been curing autism for years by removing mercury from the brain. This coalition should be demanding that every parent of an autistic child be handed that knowledge upon diagnosis.

Parents need to question the honesty of this coalition.

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