Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Overthrow Our Damn Government Right Now!!!

Will you claim your freedom or are you going to keep taking crap from the maggots who infest Washington, D.C.?  We can overthrow these criminal bankers and lawyers by the end of the week if we want to.  There is something seriously wrong with you if you can look at this and then won't bother signing it.

We have a weapon to use against them that's so powerful that there is nothing they can do to stop it.  It's called PUBLIC OPINION.  When we unite as one gang of people against these scumbags, our voices will explode in a roar so loud that it will drive them out immediately.  They'll run like Hell and pray we don't catch them.

I've been trying to provoke people to sign a new Declaration of Independence since May.  A virus that came from Facebook destroyed my computer and that slowed me down.  I'm broke so a friend gave me an old computer.  I managed to get it running and now we're going to end this corrupt government that thinks they can tell us what to do.

I have no idea why people won't sign this document and throw the criminals out of D.C..  Are you too scared to have the  government see your name on it?  Read the numbered bullet points.  Do you think it's too good to be true that we could really have freedom and stop these bastards from robbing us with their damn taxes and their illegal banks?  Do you think we can't unite ourselves against them and kick their corrupt asses out of here?  We CAN do that.  We're the people!  WE have the power!  WE have to stand up for ourselves and tell all of these criminal politicians to get the *&^# out of our country!!!

WE have the power to seize the TV networks and tell each other the whole truth!  WE have the power to stop the illegal immigrants from coming in here and undercutting our wages to take out jobs.  WE have the power to direct our schools to teach everyone what the bankers have done over the last 200+ years to destroy our freedoms!  WE have the power to take every dime back that the bankers stole from us!  WE have the power to stop corporations like Monsanto from poisoning us with their crap they pass off as food!.  WE have the power to reopen all of our factories and make our own goods that won't fall apart in three weeks like the crap that we buy from China!  WE have the power to tell out slimy corporations that they can't do credit checks on us, investigate what we say on the internet or tell us how we can wear our facial hair in order to work for them!  WE have the power to tell our government that WE will say whatever WE want, wherever WE want to say it, and whenever WE want to say it and that they better not even think about telling us that WE can't!  WE have the power to stop the planes from dropping chemicals on us!  WE have the right to carry a gun any time WE want to, any kind of gun WE want and there is nothing they can say about it!  WE can put the 13th amendment back into the Constitution, keep the lawyers from ever perverting the Constitution again and repeal ever law that these lowlifes stuck us with!  WE CAN FIX OUR COUNTRY RIGHT NOW!!!

ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS SIGN YOUR NAME, TELL EVERYONE YOU KNOW TO STAND UP FOR THEMSELVES AND DO THE SAME THING AND WE WILL HAVE OUR FREEDOM BACK IN A MATTER OF DAYS!!!  When you sign this document, you're telling the bankers and lawyers that you are going to be free and that they can't stop you.  (If someone has a better place to put it than this petition site, please arrange that.  I'm just a broke, former USAF Captain  and I don't know my way around the world of computers.  PCs weren't invented when I was done with school.)  Iceland, Russia and Hungary threw the bankers out and gained their FREEDOM.  Are WE some second rate country of sissies or will WE act like proud Americans and take back the freedom that our forefathers gave us!!!  Thank you.

Check the Autism Fraud blog for updates.  I could use some backup too.

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Anonymous said...

I applaud you for trying to get the word out. WE are going up a very big hill against the bankers....