Thursday, September 5, 2013

Autism Victims Have Been Writing to the Wrong Government

Today I stumbled on a site that provided a way to send letters to President Putin of Russia.  It dawned on me that Russia had removed mercury from vaccines a long time ago.  I thought Mr Putin would be interested in how Obama and the corrupt government of the USA has been using chemical weapons of mass destruction against our children so I shared my thoughts with him.  I encourage everyone in the autism community who also had their normal babies turned into autistic Zombies to ask for help from President Putin.  My letter to him is below as well as the link to contact him.  Perhaps if President Putin points out this hypocrisy to the actor, Obama who is playing the role of our Prez it could have some beneficial effect on negotiating a stoppage of Obama's plan to murder people in Syria.

Another letter to President Putin:

"Dear President Putin,
Would you mind helping people in the USA? Our corrupt government has been using chemical weapons of mass destruction against our babies and elderly by adding mercury to vaccines, especially flu shots. I know that Russia banned thimerosal (mercury) from vaccines a long time ago but the USA persists in shooting it into our babies and lowering their IQs, causing spontaneous miscarriages and causing the abject horror known as autism and Alzheimer's.

We have one wonderful scientist who read Russian research to teach us how to cure autism by removing the mercury that caused it from our childrens' brains but our treacherous government covers up this information and disseminates propaganda to tell people that this method of curing our children doesn't work. They even scare people by telling us it's dangerous. I was lucky enough to partially cure my severely autistic son and relieve the physical pain that he suffered but he's still "mentally challenged" after having been born normal.

Since Russia had the common sense and humane attitude to stop damaging the brains of your children when you learned how dangerous mercury is, could you make a statement to the planet about this assault on American children with this covert weapon of mass destruction of our babies' brains? Thanks for considering this President Putin. I wish we had a decent human being like you for our own President.
John Best
Londonderry, NH"

Send your letters to an honest President here:

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