Monday, September 9, 2013

Why You Need to Sign the 2nd Declaration of Independence Today

Please consider what others have to say about signing this document that will reclaim our freedom from the bribed maggots in Washington, D.C..
These are comments from people who already signed the 2nd Declaration of Independence:  Click the link to read it and sign it.  If you tell your friends, we WILL take our country back!!!

1.  Our current and past government has betrayed the people of the United States of America. The time is far over due to give the power Back to the People where it belongs. The corruption in our Government has to be stopped and stop Now

2.  Beautiful Declaration.
3.  WE THE PEOPLE Have The Right And The Responsibility To Amend The Government And Reinstate It As We See Fit.The present government has refused to follow the RESTRICTIONS on it's activities as listed in the united States Constitution and violated the Bill of Rights repeatedly proving that there has been a long line of TREASONOUS "representatives" working against "We The People" for at least since 1871 if not since 1861 when Lincoln declared martial law which we are still under today. The list of the CRIMES committed against We The People is staggering in number and intensity. It is way past time to STOP this INSANITY and TREASON being committed against the people of the united States!
4.  I want to be proud to be an American again and to have my rights of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness be reinstated!
5.  my sentiments exactly
6.  This must be for ALL countries on this planet Earth.


9.  Time to restore the Constitution and remove all legislation, laws and agency's that are in direct violation of the Constitution.

10. Let's Get It Done
11. let those in america who do not want this due to greed and ignorance come after me and try and take my freedom iI will stand for this if not anything else!
12. All on the District of Columbia are in breach of their oaths of office.

13.This is long overdue.

14. Tesla's work has been suppressed long enough. It is time to let the American people know.


16.  effective immediately!!!!!!!!!!!!

17.  I want the black robed crows off the bench too!

18. An idea who's time has come...

19. Bravo

20. It Is High Time We Reclaim Our Long Lost Liberties!

21. Dissolve the U.S CORPORATION and its corrupt legal system.and banking system.

22. May GOD make it happen.

23.  It is time to take our country back from the corporation!

24. perfect.

25. Fantastic idea!!! Count me in! I stand with this adapted Declaration.


27. because "We The People"

28. We need everyone on board!!

29. I respect you very much for drafting up a new improved Declaration of Independence. I am aware of what is wrong with this country. We can never have freedom as long as we allow money to rule over our lives. You have have much needed awareness that every american needs to follow through eventually. Its no laughing manner to what our government is doing to us & they need to loose their power & influence they hold over the American people. I sure hope this can bring the recognition to others to what freedom & liberty is all about. Thank you again for helping me see there is still hope for this country.

30. This is a great and peaceful solution - let's hope we can have healthy discussion from all citizens. It's the only way to ensure the best life for all.

31. effective immediately.

32. must restore the constitution as it was meant to be this is a REPUBLIC !!!

33. We The People....

34. At last! May sanity in government be restored and our country's integrity returned.

35. It's not perfect but it's close. Let's show them who's boss shall we.

36. I receive Food-stamps. Unemployed. poor. Eating from dumpsters.. Please help.

37. End The Fed

38. The only thing I disagree with is I think that the people should be the government and vote online and get rid of congress and government all together because power corrupts

39. Resistance to Tyrants is Obediance to God!

40. I want my country back!

41. I signed this as a way to reward your effort and courage, and not because I believe that this petition(declaration) would have a chance of passing in real life. Great document you created but it does not have a chance. Sorry....
 We Can Do this! We Must TAKE BACK OUR FREEDOM!
42. I would only add the minimum wage needs to be increased to self-sustaining income for a family so full time parenting, and saving to get ahead and for the future is possible again.

43. Beautiful


45. I agree wholeheartedly with this declaration. I am of sound mind and the only duress I'm under at the time of this signing is that which has been caused by the actions of the corrupted officials now occupying the seats of every branch of the United States government. This, in my opinion is the best, safest, & fastest route to correcting the state of distress the United States of America is in.

46. Impeach our lying treasonous president and the rest of the administration

47. well done

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