Thursday, August 29, 2013

Impediments to Freedom, Controlled Opposition Tactics and How to Defeat Them

Let's start with the solution that will give us our freedom.

Almost everything else that you see on the internet is propaganda by the elites to distract us, disorganize us, segment us, misinform us, give us false hope, give us false leadership and subvert us from uniting to defeat them.  Rothschild and the rest of the elites have been at this game for a long, long time.  They are highly skilled at what they do, extremely intelligent and not to be taken lightly.  They are superb liars and they control all of the channels of communication that we try to use to help ourselves, including every corner of the internet.

This is no game to these psychopaths.  They want to kill us to gain their ideal population of slaves to serve them.  Their propaganda is ingenious.  They consistently tell the truth and rile people up to join their phony leaders.  However, their leadership never leads anyplace useful.  They organize hundreds of thousands of people in many different places following phony after phony.  The phonies give speeches saying all of the right things, detailing all of the abuses that the elite perpetrate against us and convince people that they will lead them to a better existence.  They encourage protests that are easily ignored by the elites and never seen on TV.  They urge people to write to corrupt members of Congress and the actor who plays the role of our President, knowing that nobody will even read these letters, faxes and emails and that the phone calls will just be politely listened to and ignored.  Our corrupt government is great at being polite to us while they ignore us.  Any time you bother contacting one of them, you're just wasting your effort.  Please stop listening to the dishonest fools who encourage this.

I ran for Prez last year, trying to campaign with no money on the internet.  Oh Facebook, they blocked links to the blog I was using to expose the problems with our government.  And, they banned me for awhile. Would they ban any Democrat or Republican for "spamming" pages with their campaign junk?  I don't think so.  I don't think I wasted my time either because it just caused me to keep trying to disseminate my message to unite the country against the bankers, lawyers and other white collar criminals.  I go about this by telling the while truth, not just a part of it like our typical, lowlife politicians and I do something that none of them ever do.  I offer real solutions.  For that, my blogs have warning labels attached to them by some sites to discourage people form reading them.  Obama himself, or someone in his Executive Office removed my blogs from the internet in 2010 when he didn't like a Youtube video that I made screaming at him to tell people the truth about mercury in vaccines.  Then, one of them reappeared with a dishonest warning label on it.  That's a lot of trouble to go to just to silence somebody who most people never heard of.

I've probably contacted over 100 Facebook pages and other sites trying to promote my New Declaration of Independence which would abolish our government and throw all of the criminals out.  So far, the only site that would help me is this one.  None of the others would even respond to my requests.  That tells me that all of those sites are controlled opposition who don't truly want to do anything to solve the problems that are inherent to the corruption in the US government.  They all rant and rave about it but, when it comes to organizing something that would unite us and give us the power to defeat the elites, they all refuse to help.

The goal of these phony "truther" and "liberty" sites is to encourage people to bitch and moan to each other on the internet while never actually taking any real action to reclaim the freedom that the bankers stole from us in 1871 and cemented in 1913 when they gained complete control over our money.  Alex Jones, David Icke and Jesse Ventura are some of the more famous liars who corral people into accepting them as leaders while they twiddle their thumbs and do nothing useful.  The people who follow them have been waiting many years for some action and results.  They will still be waiting for their heroes to save them after those frauds are sitting in the old folks homes with Alzheimer's.  The liars on Facebook with the large followings do the same thing anonymously.  One would think they would want to use their names and take credit for "leading the revolution" but they just use page names that evoke promises of being led to the promised land, just as Obama led lots of poor people to trust his "change you can believe in" crapola.

Ron Paul, Gary Johnson and Jill Stein did the same thing to corral "awake" people to follow them as an alternative to your basic lying scum from the Democrats and Republicans.  They led people to believe that they would "fix" our government but none of them went far enough.  Whether they had a chance to win or not is irrelevant because all of them know the solution but none of them would state it.  After 100 years of this nonsense with the Fed charging us interest to use our own money while they stole all of our gold, our jobs and our homes, the solution was obvious.  It was obvious that almost every member of Congress had lied to us for 100 years and none of them were ever going to do anything to stop the robbery by the Fed and the IRS.  The people who followed them were just another sect in the division that keeps us all blaming each other for our problems.  The solution has always been to seize TV so we could tell each other the whole truth  and force all of the criminals out of D.C..  TV being controlled by a few people is a clear violation of the first amendment but none of our fraudulent leaders seem able to grasp that simple fact.  If you bring it up to them, they ignore you.

The division between the well-off and the poor has been enhanced by all sorts of foolish junk that makes each side hate the other more so they will trust politicians who pander to their interests.  If you try to provoke any of those politicians to address a real issue that's not mentioned in the media, they ban you from their Facebook page or Facebook bans you entirely as has happened to me countless times.  If you try to educate the masses who follow partisan issues, you wind up banned from those pages too.  It's just more proof that Protocol #12 is in action everyplace on the internet.  I've been banned from hundreds of forums and sites just for telling the truth and suggesting true methods to implement improvements.  The bans are always "justified" with lots of name calling and character assassinations.  These forums have been set like traps to catch us and lead is astray, give us false hope and waste our time.

We have to escape from the trap of phony leadership and we have to organize ourselves to support real solutions that is completely divorced from all politicians and famous people.  We have to only support ideas and plans that mandate specific changes and we have to avoid all of the traps that lie to us and tell us how we can slither around the legal system like a real live lawyer and expect to win.  Forget it.  You know the legal system is rigged to let the elites win every case and you know all of the judges have to be replaced with people who aren't lawyers.  All of the lawyers have to go, along with all of the bogus laws they made to help bankers rob us and keep us enslaved.

I hope I can provoke you to read my solution that Thomas Jefferson handed down to us, especially the numbered items that specify immediate actions.  I also hope you'll share this all over the internet and stop listening to liars so we can unite ourselves and beat these thieves.  Keep checking the Autism Fraud blog for updates.  Freedom is yours if you want it!!!  If you want to help, let me know.  My email is on the blog.

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