Sunday, August 25, 2013

Stand Up for Yourselves, You Can't Remain Quiet

If you could walk into the Capitol building and speak to Congress all at once, what would you say to them? Would you tell them that you know they've all been bribed to ignore us while they serve corporations, swear at them and tell them they're all fired?  That would sound pretty silly coming from one person, wouldn't it. What if every one of us had that opportunity and we all said the same thing to them?  They would still ignore us, individually, wouldn't they.

All 300 million of us can't walk in there and speak at the same time.  We can't all go to Washington, D.C. either to protest.  They'd just laugh at us if we did.  They don't put protests on the news any more and protests are just a joke to them.  They control TV so they can bombard us with their commercials and provoke the majority of voters to choose between the liars they show us on TV.  That's how they stay in power and control us.

Thomas Jefferson told us what to do.  He told us to abolish the government when it became corrupt and no longer served the people.  So, that's what we have to do.  We can't vote them out because no honest person can collect the bribe money that these criminals collect from banks and corporations to compete with them using TV commercials.  We have to influence public opinion to unite the whole country against them so we can reclaim our freedom.

I updated the Declaration of Independence and put it on a petition site to collect signatures.  It is not a petition, it's a legal document.  It's a legal document because the people say so, notwithstanding anything that any lawyer has to say about it.  Did you know that lawyers are barred from participating in our government?  It says so in the 13th amendment, the amendment that was never repealed but somehow vanished from the Constitution in the mid to late 1800s.  The word "esquire" that lawyers add to their names is a title of nobility and thus makes them ineligible to serve in our government.  So, the lawyers burned all the copies of the Constitution that they could find and made it vanish.

 The New Declaration of Independence becomes effective when enough of us sign it that they can't ignore it and the police and military see that it is their duty to enforce it.  So far, only about 12% of the people who have looked at this have signed it.  Since it seems unlikely that 88% of the people in this country approve of the actions of our government, I can't understand why they won't sign and escort the criminals out.  Are they afraid of something?  Do they like being robbed by the IRS and bankers?  Are people who receive government checks afraid to complain?  Do they think the government will take their benefits away if they sign their names?  I can't make any sense out of this so I hope someone will explain it to me.

It's not easy for some people to see bankers and politicians as criminals when they're giving you checks and food stamps.  However, that paltry amount that they give you doesn't come close to what you should have as a citizen of the USA.  The banks have about 18 million vacant housing units while four million people are homeless.  Those homes actually belong to all of us collectively.  Do the people of the USA want to see four million people on the street while all of those homes sit vacant?  It doesn't cost us anything to let the homeless people have them.  In fact, it's better for all of us if someone lives in those houses and keeps them up rather then letting them sit vacant and deteriorate.  When they fall into disrepair, the value of our homes decreases along with them.  Since they are actually an asset of the USA and don't legally belong to the banks, we can take them away from the banks.  The banks claim title to them because lawyers have perverted our laws to allow the banks to do that.  The counterfeit money that banks create through the Federal Reserve is perceived as real and most of us accept it as real.  I know it's asking a lot for anyone to watch a three hour documentary but that's what you should do if you don't understand this deception.  Watch The Money Masters and learn what the bankers have done to us.  Learn how the bankers have perverted everything in the USA to enslave us.  Then, maybe you will be angry enough to sign your name and throw them all out of here.

At some point in our future, we will evolve into a society without money.  Many of you will think that's insane but, once you understand the treachery of our banking system and sleep on that for awhile, you'll be able to appreciate it.  This won't happen overnight but, when it does, it will be the final nail in the coffin for tyranny.  In the meantime, I hope I can provoke you to take a stand against the banks and the politicians who have all been bribed to serve the banks.  They have taken away our freedom in every way you can imagine.  They will keep taking more if you refuse to stop them.  We need every citizen to promote this overthrow of the bankers and lawyers.  We don't need any of them.  We will be much better off without them.  Claim your freedom now or it will be so far gone that you and your children will never be able to reclaim it.  While we still have the internet to talk to each other, it is essential that you stand up to the criminals with a show of force that they can't fight.  We need the whole country to unite against them by signing our names.

There is all sorts of garbage on the internet claiming to be fighting for you and your interests.  None of those groups are being honest.  If they were honest, they would also be promoting the overthrow of our corrupt government.  I believe that I am the first to listen to Thomas Jefferson and begin the process of abolishing this corruption that we know as our government.  Please join me and tell everyone you know.  Thank you.
John Best
Londonderry, NH

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