Monday, July 22, 2013

Age of Autism's Fraud

Allegedly, I'm part of something called the Autism Leadership Council that's supposedly managed by Tim Bolen. I don't even know the name of one other person who is part of this alleged group. I haven't seen one comment from anyone else in this alleged group so I have no idea what concerns any of the alleged members have voiced. I'm told that these people are starting to see the deception that has been perpetated against them by David Kirby and his band of confederates.



This statement from The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion sums up perfectly what has happened in the wacky world of autism. If you search for The Protocols on Google, the first thing you will see is a link to Wikipedia which lies to you and tells you that The Protocols are an anti-semetic hoax. The CIA managed Wikipedia even cites sources from the 1800s from which they claim The Protocols were copied when they were supposedly written sometime after 1880. The truth of the matter is that The Protocols were written in 1773 by Mayer Amschel Rothschild and twelve associates who were the founding fathers of a group who is known as the Illuminati.

In our autism world, the truth has been blotted out since David Kirby wrote his dishonest book in 2005. Kirby came to us from the Rothschild owned New York Times where he had helped Rockefeller, a Rothschild cousin achieve his goal of corrupting the morals of our society by promoting the gay agenda. Kirby even announced that he was going to sell us out in the Author's Note of his book in which he told us that he would never support the methods we were using to cure autism. Nobody noticed. Kirby then became our spokesman and sold us out on the Don Imus show and other places by continually stating that MAYBE mercury had something to do with autism. This was about 7 years after the Thomas Verstraeten of the CDC had told us that thimerosal definitely caused autism and four years after Dr Mark Geier had confirmed what Verstaraeten said. It was six years after Amy Holmes and Andy Cutler had developed the chelation protocol to cure autism, a result that some of us had already achieved and this liar named David Kirby was denying everything that we had to say.

Kirby had lots of help promoting himself as a hero on Lenny Schafer's Evidence of Harm Yahoo group where his confederates pumped the sale of his dishonest book. I was thrown out of that group by Schafer for trying to provoke people to wage a campaign against a corrupt judge who had denied Mark Geier the right to testify as an expert witness. Kirby's confederates don't like Mark Geier becasue Mark Geier told the truth about mercury in vaccines. They were thrilled that there is no shortage of corrupt judges to prevent honest people from testifying. We saw the same thing in the Autism Omnibus case when the lawyers for the Plaintiffs committed what I consider was legal malpractice by presenting idiotic witnesses and not using witnesses who would have easily destroyed anything the Pharma witnesses for the government had to say. Lawyers are too well educated to truly be as stupid as they acted with their shoddy presentation of a case. When I contacted some people associated with this crumby legal team to question them, they didn't reply, a typical response from liars. I had been time barred from being a part of the case so my criticism was not personal or based on anger. I was just an interested bystander poking the liars for fun.

About the same time that Lenny Schafer was telling me through his actions that he was corrupt, the Age of Autism had also told me they were corrupt. They had banned me from commenting and deleted my comments on a post about Amanda Baggs while they allowed some of the Neurodiverse nitwits to gang up on me and smear my character. I was the one who had exposed Amanda Baggs as a fraud after her appearances on CNN. So, we saw that Age of Autism was not pleased that I had ruined that bit of propaganda back in 2007. This was a major blow to their friends from Neurodiversity who then promoted Ari Ne'eman to replace Baggs as their degenerate, lying spokesman to misrepresent what autism was. We saw that Age of Autism, the Canary Party and Safe Minds had no objection to Ne'eman being allowed to testify at the autism hearing last fall where he presented his usual pack of lies to obfuscate the horror of what autism is. Why didn't these liars who supposedly speak for us drag Ne'eman off the platform physically and throw him bodily out of the hearing? That's what I would have done while demanding that Brian Hooker be allowed to testify. I don't think any honest father of an autistic child could have restrained themselves from tackling Ne'eman and removing him. Perhaps the liars from Age of Autism have dumbed down parents to the point that they actually believe that people like Ne'eman have not been sent to destroy our children by the CIA.

When you delve deep enough into Neurodiversity and the Age of Autism, you see the connection to both sides of the deception. This is easy for me since I was a part of it when it all started back in 2004 and earlier when Frank Klein wrote his Don't Cure Me essay after he arranged his fake autism diagnosis. When I was blackballed from the autism community for telling the truth, it became obvious that Neurodiversity and Age of Autism were working together, the same as Democrats and Republicans do to deceive all of us while they direct our attention anyplace besides the whole truth.

Directing people away from the truth and away from achieving any result was Ginger Taylor's job as the owner of the Canary Party Facebook page. You can read about how Ginger Taylor deceived all of you here, here, here and here.The Canary Party thrives on misdirection. They want you to talk to each other about mindless drivel but they don't want you informing the public. I was taught about the Illuminati, The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion and about Public Opinion when I was working on my Master's degree. Perhaps Blaxill, Taylor and other degenerates who have been misleading autism parents were taught the same things in the exclusive schools that they attended. The schools they attended though, assuredly teach these things from a different perspective. Those exclusive schools like Harvard and Johns Hopkins train the students who will carry out the plans of the Rothschild's and the Rockefeller's. The places I went to school teach us how to defeat these liars.

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