Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Kicked Out of Canary Party by Autism Child Abuser Ginger Taylor

I posted the above picture on the Canary Party's Facebook page with the advice that this was what activism is. Now I've been thrown out of the group and banned from commenting.

I also questioned the Canary Party's lack of any leadership and their refusal to take any positive action to force the agenda of autism down the throats of our corrupt politicians. Of course, nobody had anything to say in response.

As I've been pointing out for years now, parents of autistic children have to question everything that is put forth from the corrupt Age of Autism blog. They are the psychopaths who started this Canary Party.

In their position paper, these alleged activists call for unity in the autism community. I wrote to the Canary Party before I joined and asked why they do not mention "thimerosal" in their platform and why they do not call for banning it from all vaccines. It's a pretty simple question but I received no reply. It's a question I've asked of JB Handley and David Kirby many times. They don't answer.

Those of us who cure autistic children by removing mercury from their brains know beyond any doubt that mercury was the cause of our childrens' brain damage. Yet, here we have these alleged activists, Mark Blaxill, Jennifer Larson and Ginger Taylor who won't even mention the word "thimerosal" while they purport to lead victims of thimerosal poisoning.

I'd like to challenge Blaxill, Larson and Taylor to answer me in public and explain why they refuse to tell the truth about mercury while they bop all over the place alluding to a slew of extraneous nonsense as possible causes for autism and other vaccine induced horrors.

It seems that Ginger Taylor runs the Canary Party Facebook page so I'd like to hear from Ginger and have her explain why she deleted the picture of my car from the page. Is Ginger opposed to telling the truth about how the mercury in the flu shot to pregnant women mangles the brains of fetuses? Is Ginger trying to squelch any true activism so that the general public will remain ignorant and more babies will have their brains mangled? Petrhaps Ginger, in the interest of unifying the autism community, will tell me what brilliant idea she has to warn the public.

Come on Ginger, you're playing for the propaganda wizards now and true autism advocates are calling you out.


chantel swedgan said...

i would like to know why as well. i feel thimerosal was only part of the problem and i feel ur vehicle only opens u up to debate with the average joe on ur streets (u must be well versed on ur arguments) which is awesome!!!

Robin Nemeth said...

You don't sell any ads on your car. There's only information presented. Where are the ads for supplements? Where are the ads promoting the various autism 'support' groups? Where are the ads for the books?

I was invited to an Autism Speaks walkathon a few years ago. I had been assured that I would be allowed to carry my sign--I think it was the one with the picture of a peapod, and the words 'Autism Speaks and Pharma--peas in a toxic pod'. I went with my brother.

While I was walking with my sign, he sat at the table with the president of local chapter of the ASA, handing out my flyers about thimerosal. He told me that most people wanted to know what they could buy. "What are you selling? What can I buy to help my child?" they all wanted to know. Ahahahah. Better start selling some chit, John. Never mind if it helps or not. Nobody will take you seriously otherwise.

Foresam said...

My car provokes conversations with strangers every day. Then I can explain about the mercury in the flu shot.

Too bad the "activists" in the Canary Party won't do the same thing.