Wednesday, June 15, 2011

CDC Propaganda Meeting in Concord, NH

I went to this meeting yesterday that was run by the Keystone Center out of Colorado. This is the same group who the CDC hired a couple of years ago to run meetings around the country to tout the H1N1 vaccine. They actually paid us a $75 stipend for attending.

The purpose of the meeting was to plan for the introduction of another vaccine, one to combat meningitis. They did an excellent job showing how dangerous meningitis is and I certainly can't disagree with them on the horror of the deaths and loss of limbs to young children. They made asurances that this vaccine is different from the current meningitis vaccine that contains 25 micrograms of thimerosal and assured us that the new version would be thimerosal free.

The Keystone Center did some polling and I can only guess how they will use these results. The new vaccine will add three or four more shots to the vaccine schedule for babies. The key question in the polling was predeterminately skewed to favor adding this vaccine to the schedule. You see, the targeted advertising that was done to attract people to attend this meeting was aimed at health care professionals and public employees with their heads up their asses who blindly support whatever they are told to think by the idiots who supervise them. One loud-mouthed public employee was even stupid enough to try to lie to me about the fact that thimerosal is still in the flu shot that is given to pregnant women. Hew boss has been lying to the people of New Hampshire about this for years so the lower level nitwits who infest our Health and Human Services office probably just believe whatever they're told and never bother checking the facts. Anyhow, I set this one straight, not that it will do any good.

I tried to make the point to the CDC drones who were presenting the propaganda that this meningitis vaccine sounded like a good idea given the seriousness of the disease. But, I thought they should consider removing other vaccines from the schedule. The HepB is completely useless and stupid for newborns since none of them engage in behaviors that could see them fall victim to HepB. Chicken Pox is also inane, as well as mumps and rubella. This suggestion for a trade off was lost on these people, the majority of whom were really concerned about their problems with convincing everyone to give their kids every vaccine that is on the schedule.

I stayed for the extra session too, to explain that I couldn't support adding any vaccine to a schedule that included the flu shot with thimerosal to pregnant women which is nothing less than a crime of battery against every fetus. CDC drones like to ignore these remarks. They also like to ignore remarks about the CDC's lack of honesty in refusing to admit that they know mercury is the cause of autism. And, as usual, none of the health care professionals or the CDC people have any comment at all when you point out how we cure autism by removing mercury from the brain.

I stumbled on a Facebook comment that let me know about this meeting but I couldn't find it listed anyplace. The Keystaone Group didn't even have it listed on their website. I asked them about this while I commented to them about their skewing polling results by inviting people who would toe the company line by supporting all vaccines. Later in the session, one of the meeting organizers wondered if she should invite some anti-vaccine groups to the other two meetings they are having in Chicago and, I think, Seattle.

If more "anti-vaccine loons" don't show up at these future meetings, the CDC will be able to say that they held meetings, took public comments and found that the public favors adding more shots to the schedule for babies by a wide margin. The "too many, too soon" group should find this interesting. I found that the CDC and their "neutral" contractor don't much care for the word "thimerosal" so I used it too many times. I think they should hear it too many more times so they know there are lots of people who don't believe their lies.

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