Sunday, August 1, 2010

Yard Signs Stolen and Vandalized by Supporter of Poisoning Babies

I had a hand painted sign that I had nailed to a tree in my front yard pried off the tree and stolen from me on Tuesday afternoon. The words on it were the same as on my car.

So, after the sign was stolen I spray painted the same words on a large rock in my front yard. Last night, some idiot who must want to defend Pharma's lies and the poisoning of our children used black spray paint to block out half of the letters on my orange sign.

We can see by this cowardly action that the medical profession is scared of honest citizens who point out the truth about their sadistic practice of routinely poisoning our children by shooting mercury into them. Two attacks on my property within five days could also be the result of my Youtube videos that show the corruption of Bill Binnie and Kelly Ayotte. I wouldn't be surprised if it was one of their mentally unstable supporters who lauched this attack on me.

John Best (I) for Senator, NH


capricorn said...

Take it as a compliment John! When the enemy's bullets are pinging on your tank's turret, you know that you must have your enemy worried!

david said...

The mercury which was a potential problem was removed from vaccines that are given to children. if there were problems do to mercury, that shouldn't be an issue anymore. FYI

Foresam said...

David, Are you dishonest or ignorant? The full dose of mercury is still in the flu shot. It's 400 times the safe level for one pound fetuses.