Thursday, August 12, 2010

How to Fix the Economy

You don't need a PhD in economics to fix the economy. All you need is some common sense. Money is not an essential element to life. So, let's get rid of the banks, stock market, insurance companies, lawyers and television commercials that try to sell us one product over another. All these things do is add stress to our lives so let's be shed of them.

The planet can function quite well with everyone pitching in to do their fair share to produce essential products and this can be done with a lot less than the forty hour work week. The economic model that we all follow is based on employers trying to wheedle as much production as possible out of employees, as cheaply as possible to produce as much profit as possible for themselves. There's no need for this form of slavery just so a few individuals who own large businesses can live better than everyone else.

Why do the majority of us allow this to continue? Why do we play this game of breaking our backs working to gain a few more comforts than the other guy? It just isn't worth the aggravation. Let's change the rules.

Let's do away with money and make everything free. People will still have to work to produce goods and services but we can look at all forms of work as a civic duty and not a necessity for survival. We can get rid of all financial jobs, tax collectors, cashiers, toll booths, parking meters and meter maids, and those people can take up another line of work that's more useful.

Reopen all of the factories in the USA that have been idled by corporations going to China for cheap labor. These are lousy jobs so put two or three times as many people working there, shorter hours, longer vacations. There's no need for anyone to slave away in these jobs for minimal rewards. Have everyone take a turn at this so the same people aren't stuck there for a lifetime.

Instead of unemployment offices, we can change them into functioning as work assignment offices. Figure out how many people are needed to produce everything we need and share the tasks equally among all citizens. We can probably cut the average work week from 40 hours to about eight.

We can give everyone a house and end homelessness, end the practice of having to work for thirty years to pay off a mortgage that winds up costing three or four times the value of the house with all of the interest that we pay to make the Rothschild family wealthier. Let's start using some common sense and look at how we view our world. It simply makes no sense for our lives to be ruled by bankers. Let's make ourselves truly free by everyone pitching in for the good of the whole. Abolish money. Take pride in our work as doing our part for the good of the whole. Let's work for ourselves, collectively, so we all may enjoy our lives without being slaves to the elite criminals.

Let's eliminate crimes associated with money. If everyone has everything they need, there's no reason to rob anyone, no reason to steal cars, no taxes to cheat on, no reason to bribe politicians so they can make laws to make a few people wealthier at the expense of the majority. Just have everyone keep doing the jobs they're doing for now, assign everyone from financial jobs to other tasks and lighten the workload for those performing useful tasks. Create offices to put the unemployed to work and lighten the workload even more so that we all contribute. Greed will disappear since we'll all be able to have whatever we need without worrying about how to pay for it.

Money, the root of all evil. We can live better without it.

John Best for US Senate, New Hampshire

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