Sunday, August 22, 2010

Why Kelly Ayotte Likes to Poison Babies

I used to think Kelly Ayotte was just plain stupid but there's always more to it than that when an Attorney General refuses to prosecute blatant crimes against children. Recently, I found the reason for Kelly's willful stupidity when it comes to the crime of allowing babies to be poisoned with thimerosal, the mercury based preservative used in vaccines. This article shows Kelly's association with the Pharmaceutical industry and explains why it has been expedient for her to ignore the facts I have tried to give her to prosecute the criminals on New Hampshire's corrupt Autism Council.

Voting for Kelly Ayotte for Senator is akin to condemning every developmentally disabled child to life in prison. And, a vote for her will insure that countless normal children will assuredly be poisoned by thimerosal in their vaccines to intentionally cause them brain damage.

John Best for NH Senator (Write me in)

I have informed Ayotte many times how to cure the brain damage caused by thimerosal. That was the gist of my complaint when I asked her to prosecute the members of New Hampshire's corrupt Autism Council. The Autism Council is composed of profiteers, almost all of whom profit by denying the fact that we can cure autism by removing the mercury that caused the autism from the brain. These council members sell obsolete services to care for people with autism so, if we started curing all of these mercury poisoned autistic people, these purveyors of obsolete practices would all see their income streams dry up. I'll wager that the NH Autism Council is among Ayotte's biggest supporters, hoping she will continue to allow the poisoning of babies to send them more customers.

We've known the truth for eleven years now, that mercury from vaccines is the primary cause of Alzheimer's and every condition on the autism spectrum. Corrupt politicians like Kelly Ayotte are going to perpetuate this poisoning of people and will never tell you the truth.

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