Thursday, July 15, 2010

How to Fix America, TV Politicians are All LIARS

The solution is simple, elect honest politicians. Implementing that solution is the problem but we do have the answer. We have the internet to counter the corrupt media that's controlled by the Rothschild banking empire. So, all we have to do is spread the knowledge amongst the millions of us who are denied access to the mainstream media that all politics on TV is corrupt.

Every politicians who gains their votes through multi-million dollar campaigns on TV is inherently corrupt since they can only obtain that money from wealthy corporations who buy their influence. Nobody should ever vote for those politicians since they are all dishonest and will never look out for the interests of We The People. If We The People can all accept this fact, we can undo the brainwashing that was been used against us through the power of television.

Americans have been brainwashed into believing that their choices between politicians is a matter of choosing between one wealthy liar in a thousand dollar suit and another wealthy liar with perfect hair and shiny white teeth. Of course, none of the wealthy liars have any facial hair since that's also a politically incorrect image to show to voters. I guess that image makes them seem honest to some people.

The key to making this brainwashing effective is to tell the people over and over and over again that they are wasting their vote if they don't choose between the two wealthy liars who are at the top of the polls that are conducted by the corrupt media and don't even include any other candidates to choose from. To beat this brainwashing technique that has been used as long as television has existed, We The People do not have access to television commercials at a million dollars a minute to educate our fellow citizens but we can teach each other the truth through the internet.

The truth about the economy is that the Rothschilds own the central banks of all but five countries on the planet. All of our national debt is paid to the Rothschild banking criminals whether that money is owed to China, England, Paraguay or anyplace. It's just a shell game. It doesn't matter to the Rothschilds if people in China make our clothes, TV sets and computers, and American factories are shut down. The Rothschilds just become wealthier. When more Americans have to use welfare and food stamps, the Rothschilds make more money because our government borrows money from the Rothschild owned Federal Reserve and we pay them more interest on our national debt. The great thing about this from the Rothschild's perspective is that they don't really loan us any money at all. They just print whatever money they want with nothing to back it up and tax us to pay them back. So, the fruits of our labor is transferred to the Rothschild family through our taxes. It's the ultimate con job.

We can fix the economy immediately by the simple act of repealing the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, banning imports from China and reopening all of the factories that have been shut down here. The only reason this isn't happening is that all of the wealthy politicians with their thousand dollar suits, perfect hair and shiny white teeth had their campaigns financed by the Rothschild family and they always vote against the American people so they can make the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers wealthier. That's why Senator John (Jay) Rockefeller of West Virginia wants to shut down the internet.

These liars aren't stupid. Rockefeller knows that we can organize ourselves through the internet so that the whole country knows the truth about this banking scam and we can educate each other to always vote against politicians who run multi-million dollar TV campaigns. Once the whole country accepts the fact that every politician on TV is a liar and will not ever look out for our interests, the whole country will equate TV campaigns with liars and refuse to vote for them.

So, that's the solution. Everyone who reads this should spread the message to all of their contacts that ALL POLITICIANS ON TV ARE LIARS. We've been brainwashed by TV and we can undo that brainwashing. A bell should go off in your head every time you see a smiling politician on TV and the word "LIAR" should leap into your head.
Once everyone equates TV politicians with LIARS, we will have brainwashed ouselves against voting for these corrupt scoundrels. That's how we fix the country.

Please forward this to all of your contacts and we will take our country back from the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers.

John Best (Independent) for US Senator, New Hampshire

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