Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Bill Binnie, Scumbag

New Hampshire voters should know what Bill Binnie is all about.

Bill Binnie owned Carlisle Plastics during the situation described on page 64 here. So, we see how Binnie creates jobs in Mexico when his Mexican workers in California try to organize a union. I expect Binnie will do the same thing if elected to the US Senate to help other ruthless businessmen like himself reap profits while treating employees like slaves.

Here's the Wikipedia entry on Binnie, a true scumbag who will be certain to look out for Wall Street at the expense of the majority of US citizens he wants to misrepresent. People who keep seeing Binnie signs all over the place should wonder if this bastard will look out for their interests. He certainly didn't give a damn about any US citizens when he shipped his business to Mexico.

John Best for Senator in New Hampshire. I won't sell you out to Mexico.

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