Monday, July 26, 2010

How Bill Binnie Lies to Voters

Bill Binnie claims he has a plan to help the economy. Binnie knocks Obama for spending too much and claims the solution is to reduce government. Binnie knows that the only solution to our economic troubles is to seize control of the Federal Reserve back from the Rothschild family but he is not honest enough to tell anyone this.

Binnie calls for fair trade with China to create jobs in the USA which is just plain stupid. Binnie's old company, Carlisle Plastics has/had manufacturing facilities in China, Japan and Mexico. No trade agreement with China is going to create jobs here. We have to ban their imports since we can't compete with the crumby wages they pay in China. That's why Binnie took his business out of the USA, thus doing his part to reduce jobs here. Anyone who trusts this guy to look out for our interests is out of their mind.

Binnie will not tell anyone the truth about why our economy is in trouble. He will not tell anyone the truth about how people are being poisoned with mercury in vaccines. When I ask him questions on these subjects, he deletes my questions and refuses to answer. That tells us Binnie is a liar. Don't vote for him.

John Best for US Senate, New Hampshire

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