Thursday, April 3, 2014

USA, Illusion Destroys Reality

For all the fake rage on the internet about the US Government, a lot more genuine rage is censored into oblivion. Protocol #12 is always in operation and it can't be beaten. The handful of us who know what Protocol #12 is can figure out how to beat it but we need help from a lot of people to do so. We have no chance of ever enlisting that help because our words are censored and the truth we speak is always overshadowed by the famous controlled opposition agents who are able to rally the masses to follow them. Democrats and Republicans have all the money and morons they need to promote their causes and fool 99% of voters, all the time.

For those who know that the Democrats and Republicans are 100% corrupt, those corrupt parties have hired a plethora of liars to pose as opposition to control the masses so that they will never pay any attention to any truly honest leader. People like Jesse Ventura, Alex Jones, David Icke, a bunch of ex military, utopian dreamers with detailed plans, people who channel information from imaginary aliens, religious frauds, fraudulent charitable organizations, phony intellectuals, phony rebels, phony protesters and phony whistleblowers have all been hired to lie like hell and entice people to follow their seemingly worthwhile agendas. These alternative leaders are in addition to alternative political parties like the Libertarians, Green Party and Free Energy Party who are all owned by the mainstream liars to lead the public astray so they will think they are opposing the corrupt system. The general public is always being misled by these parties so they will waste their time on useless pursuits that will have no effect on stopping the elite from robbing the rest of us.

One of the best con games being played on the unwitting public is the raging and ranting ex military jerks (I'm a veteran) who drone on about obeying the Constitution, that imperfect document that has no provision to deal with a 100% corrupt Congress. Obey the Constitution seems to be their most prevalent rallying cry which means that they want to allow Congress to remain responsible for impeaching corrupt members. Of course, with every member being corrupt, there is zero chance that any of them will be impeached. These ex generals know this. They're not truly as stupid as they act or they never would have earned stars on their shoulders. These jerks sold out to the elite criminals and now they're all traitors to the USA, leading the sheep to slaughter. Maj Gen Paul Vallely is one of these creeps. Col Harry Riley is another. There are more.

Next we have the alleged leaders of the oppressed masses who are lawyers. Stewart Rhodes of Oathkeepers is one of these liars. Stewart has a pretty good scam to corral ex military guys. He wants them to disobey orders that none of them are ever going to be given...because they're not in the military any more. The suckers swear that they will disobey these illegal orders and think they're doing something useful. The reality here is that Stewart Rhodes has conned these veterans into doing nothing at all when they could be organizing to actually unite people against our corrupt government. Instead, they can now claim to be an Oathkeeper while they wait for rallying points that will never come from Rhodes. He will just leave them all hanging so that they never engage in any useful action. They'll probably even be conned into supporting Republicans because they think Democrats are going to take their guns away. The reality is that Republicans are selling them all out by agreeing to things like background checks by which any psychiatrist can rule you insane for any stupid reason he feels like making up and there's not a damn thing you can do about it, legally.

I've seen other scumbag lawyers whose names aren't worth mentioning running similar scams to make people believe that a lawyer will lead them in the right direction to save our freedom. The lawyers all know that our freedom was gone in 1913 but none of them ever mention that. They keep leading people to believe that we still have freedom and we have to rally behind good lawyers to keep it. Such nonsense. Lawyers are the enemy of every American. Lawyers are the thieves who help the Rothschild family rob all of us blind through the Federal Reserve and their other criminal banks. If you think you know an honest lawyer, ask him to mention the name "Rothschild" in a public speech. I won't hold my breath waiting for someone to find one.

I could drone on about specific politicians and how they con people for awhile but it's pointless. All politicians are playing a con game. It has always been the same con game. Lie like hell, never address a real issue, gain the votes you need to stay in office and steal as much as you can while you're in office. That's all any politician ever does. No honest one will ever be elected because they can never collect as much bribe money as the dishonest ones so they can't buy TV commercials. No member of Congress will ever admit that they're supposed to be issuing our money with no debt and no interest attached to it. That should be all you need to know about them. All of them are bribed, lying thieves and I have no fear that any of them can ever sue me for saying so. It's a fact.

Ventura, Jones and Icke are all people who have been on TV and have made themselves famous. They have the name recognition so people will follow them. They say a lot of things to stir people up and lots of people trust them to tell the truth. They do present a lot of truth but they never present any viable solutions to anything. They play on your fear and they play on your disgust with politics. They make you angry but they never lead you to unite and fight the corruption. Your left dazed and confused, rooting for Jesse Ventura to become president when you know he has no chance in a million. All these people do is waste your time on nonsense.

Other time wasters include groups like Anonymous and Occupy Wall St. They give out false hope and they do exactly what the elite want with their protests. The elite own the cops who love the overtime they get for managing protests and the elite enjoy watching protesters waste their time and energy yelling and screaming about corruption while the elite watch and laugh at them. They know the protesters can't touch them personally. It's always a big joke to them. When the protests are over, the elite continue robbing us as if nothing happened at all.

Other controlled opposition includes those who advocate refusing to participate by not buying products or not paying taxes or some other junk about not complying or becoming an anarchist. This is all idiotic stuff that winds up getting individuals in legal trouble and maybe jail. Individual protests of any sort never bother the elites. They control us as a mass of people and the only way to beat them is as a united mass that is too large for them to handle.

I spent the last year trying to tell people how we can unite to destroy the elites and rid ourselves of them forever. It wasn't any grand scheme on my part. All I did was read what Thomas Jefferson told us to do in the Declaration of Independence. Look around the internet and ask yourselves why none of the people who are concerned with our corrupt government ever mention the Declaration of Independence. If you read it, you'll see why it's the solution. This should tell you why none of the alleged opposition will even mention it. But, as I stated at the start of this, Protocol #12 has prevented me from reaching all but 1,600 of the three million US citizens who should all be ready to hang Congress for their crimes against us. The easy way to beat Protocol #12 is to click the "share" button, something I've said a thousand times. Nobody wants to do that so I quit. Good luck reclaiming your freedom! I do hope some people decide they want it back before it's too late. I guess it's tough to know what you could have enjoyed as a free person when we have all been slaves for 100 years of rule by the Federal Reserve. I quit with a clear conscience. I tried to tell you all how to win.


chuck said...

What could they do if millions of sick, tired & fed up Americans decided not to feed the machine any more? What if a campaign was started now today to not file a federal income tax return 2015? I became aware of your blog through evolvefest. That may include taking control of the 401k's and stiffing them there too.

John Best said...

Almost everyone is too scared to not file taxes. People would just get themselves scrutinized by the IRS and some would be locked up. Sorry but that isn't the solution Any "solution" that leaves the criminals in D.C, in power just has not been thought through. They will find a way to rob you no matter what you do. That's what lawyers do. We have to ban them, permanently.