Sunday, February 23, 2014

You're All Slaves

    Protocol #12

    You will all remain slaves because you will not use the simplest means at your disposal to defeat this control of the media.  Scroll down to the next post to see what I'm talking about.

    The Rothschild family wrote The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.  It's their plan to control the planet and it's working perfectly because nobody will unite to oppose it.  If you know the plan their using, you should be able to defeat it.  However, nobody in the USA will bother reading the plan.  So, our country has been defeated.  Our freedom was gone 100 years ago and hardly anyone knows this.  No teachers will teach any students these facts.  No parents know the facts and the few who do know them refuse to insist that this plan to subjugate us be taught to our children.

    I've been trying to provoke people to fight back against our corrupt government for a long time.  Nobody will do that.  They sit there like morons and take the abuse.  They allow themselves to be led by corrupt politicians.  Americans are so stupid that they know the politicians are all corrupt yet they follow one party or the other anyhow.

    Americans are told about injustices by controlled opposition leaders who describe every aspect of the problem but refuse to give out solutions.  Americans thus sit there like sheep and wait for these controlled opposition liars to tell them what to do.  That information is never forthcoming so the sheep just sit there, unable to think for themselves and unable to decide to listen to anyone who has not been sent to them as a famous leader for them to follow.  Thus, they are not programmed to listen to any honest person so they just ignore those people.

    That's what the USA has become, a state of brainwashed imbeciles who only pay attention to what they are taught on TV or by controlled opposition liars who are foisted upon them by shills who tout their presence on the internet.  Honest people are censored at every turn to try to disseminate information on the internet.  They are made invisible.  I gave you the solution to our corrupt government.  Thomas Jefferson gave it to me.  It's too bad America wouldn't listen to the words of the man who wrote our Declaration of Independence.  If they had listened, our country would have regained freedom.

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