Sunday, May 5, 2013

Overthrow Our Corrupt Government

This government needs to be overthrown. Instead of being concerned with these criminals putting our names on terrorist lists, we need to identify them and throw them all out.

It's our right to do this. It says so in the Declaration of Independence. So, why are people concerned that our corrupt government identifies anyone as a terrorist or an enemy? Of course, we're their enemy if we recognize their corruption and try to do something about it.

The problem is that they control the media and they brainwash the hell out of us to make us fear them. We can't use the media to do the same thing to them. If we talked to each other, spelled out the corruption that they engage in and united against them, we would easily defeat them.

Instead of doing this, we have false leaders preventing this from happening. When someone presents plans on how to overthrow our government on the internet, they are immediately assaulted by trained agents who do everything in their power to attack these plans, ridicule them, assassinate the character of the person doing the planning, and try to prevent these plans from being seen by anyone.

These same "attack dogs" spread the false notion that merely informing the public and "waking up the sheep" is something useful. So they form internet sites, spend all their time talking about problems and abuses but NEVER discuss any solution. They work in packs, just like animals and they support each other to hype their sites and drag in unsuspecting victims. They make followers believe that they're doing something useful by spreading their information to inform others. Then they do nothing but yack about these problems on the internet. Followers falsely believe that they're part of something because thousands of other followers are also yacking about these problems and doing their darndest to let the whole world know.

In the process of this deception, these agents sneak in lots of tactics to cause these people to take actions against themselves. Some groups denounce liberals and cause their followers to be stupid enough to vote for conservatives and vice versa. Other subversive groups insist that elections are all rigged so you shouldn't vote at all. There is some truth in this since elections ARE all rigged but not by machines. They are rigged on TV by convincing people to choose between democrats and republicans. It never matters which one wins since both parties are owned by banksters. By convincing you not to vote at all, you're deceived into not voting against either corrupt party. Registered voters who don't vote would win every election if they all united on an honest candidate who was neither democrat or republican. The liars who tell you not to vote know this. They don't want you to figure it out.

The democrats and republicans have allowed the Federal Reserve to rob all of us for 100 years. While they merrily bash each other on TV, the robbery continues. Once you know the truth about the Fed being a private bank, it should be easy to see this. Nothing they say is the slightest bit useful. It's all a designed script by both parties to fool us into worrying about issues that don't even matter.

While they act out the script about trying to take our guns, they're robbing us and sending more jobs to Asia. They have so much fire power, they can blow us all away any time they like. They don't need to take our guns. They took our minds and our courage. None of us have the guts to stand up to them.

We can't communicate with each other to organize ourselves into a force that they can't defeat. Every time one of us tries, they have their words blocked on the internet. They are denounced as crazy conspiracy theorists. We can't use the media. When we try to provoke others, we are ignored because people have been conditioned to only listen to famous people. Agents show up on pages like this and try to lead people to other pages that do nothing.

We've been brainwashed to go with the crowd. The crowd has been brainwashed to follow people who have been hyped by the media. If you can think for yourself and see through all of this nonsense, you can't hype yourself enough to have your voice heard. You can't have anything you say published on other sites because virtually all of them are controlled opposition. The same people who control TV and newspapers also control the internet. They are very good liars. I see through them.

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