Friday, November 16, 2012

Ban Money and Everything Becomes Free

This may be a new concept for most because we have all been taught that we have to work and earn money to buy the goods we want and pay the bills. This is false. We have to use money because bankers found a way to rob all of us a long time ago by elevating themselves to the position of Kings of Earth by which they made all of us their subjects. Before bankers came along to outsmart the rest of us, people fended for themselves and traded food and services among each other for survival. There was no money.

Now, we have found ways to manufacture everything we need to live on this planet and distribute it to each other. We don't have to hunt and fish every day to find food. We go to a store and buy it. We use the bankers' money for everything. Well, what if we kept manufacturing and growing everything we needed and provided the services that we want to each other without paying the bankers for using the money that they print? We have 18 million vacant homes. They belong to the people of the USA. The bankers have stolen them from the people by raising the prices just high enough that nobody can afford to buy one without borrowing money from the bank. OK, so rock stars and athletes can pay cash but just about everyone else has to borrow the money. This is the trap that all of us are in. Without the banks, houses would be built for the cost of the labor and sold for the same price plus a profit for the smart guy who drew up the plans and arranged for all of the materials and labor to put the house together. With banks involved, the guy who builds the house sees a real estate market that's over inflated while he can keep hiring labor at a cheap rate. So, he doesn't make a reasonable profit for organizing the building, he makes a killing, whatever he can get from a buyer based on the values of other similar houses. For example, he might build a house for $100,000 and sell it for $300,000 giving himself a $200,000 profit. This is outrageous but that's what the market will bear so that's how it goes. The buyer has to put down $30,000 down to buy the house that was built for $100,000 and then has to pay the bank $270,000 plus interest. The interest over 30 years could be about $700,000 so the poor buyer is stuck with paying about $970,000 by the time the 30 years is up, for a house that actually cost only $100,000. 

Why is it legal for bankers to do this? Doesn't everyone see the theft that's going on here? It's legal for bankers to do this because they bribed our Congress and blackmailed our president to let them rob us in 1913 when they were allowed to set up the Federal Reserve. Before that, loans were made with no interest so people didn't suffer for 30 years working like slaves just to have a place to live.

What if we built houses without bankers being involved in the process? The contractor could sell the house for $120,000, a reasonable profit for managing the assembly and accept payments himself. He would need some money to start so he could pay for labor and materials but he would make lots of money in the process and buyers would be able to pay it off much quicker. So, take it a step further. What if we all just kept doing whatever it is we do for work, accepted no pay and paid nothing for the goods and services we needed/wanted? Everything we do would still get done, goods would still be produced, services would be provided. Nothing would change except that nobody would have to use money for anything. All professions that have anything to do with money would vanish and those people could go do something useful instead and reduce the hours that the people would have to work at the useful jobs. Then we could add all of the unemployed into the mix and have them work someplace, thus reducing hours even further. We wouldn't be fighting each other to secure scarce jobs so that we had enough money to pay the bankers. Everyone would work fewer hours and we would have anything we wanted without having to worry about using the bankers' cash to pay for it. We would be working as a part of the human race to serve the rest of the human race, no bankers charging us for anything and making everything more difficult for all of us.

When 320 million of us tell the bankers and their bribed stooges in Congress that we're going to work to serve ourselves instead of bankers, there isn't a damn thing they can do to stop us. BECAUSE, the police, military, judges and everyone who now asserts authority over us because the bankers pay them to do so, those people are all part of us. They are now the bankers' enforcement. When they are faced with 320 million of us telling them we don't accept it any more, they will see the logic in our position and they will join us too. The bankers and the bribed members of Congress will be powerless to stop us and we will have true freedom.

We will use the organizations that we now have in government to make sure everyone who can work has a task to perform and we will let people retire earlier instead of forcing them to work into their graves because social security doesn't give them enough money to pay the bankers always increasing prices. We have plenty of healthy people to perform the necessary tasks that we can give the disabled whatever they need without worrying about stupid things like taxes. If you get stuck with a lousy job, you will be able to switch to something better. We'll do this fairly and nobody will be stuck with a lousy job that nobody wants for long. And, the hours will be much shorter.

Think about the possibilities with no bankers to screw up our lives. 


Philippe Abeille said...

It is true!

SGArts said...

You are insane. I understand where you are coming from and appreciate the appeal of non monetary existence but do you really think that we can just give up money like that and trade out goods and services for other things ?

It simply wouldn't work and not even in a complex economic way but in the days immediately following the banks closure. I, just like yourself like to imagine a world of daisies and trading milk with the local farmer in exchange for an apple pie but it wont work.

How will the phone systems be maintained ? Internet ? Mail ? Hospitals ? Airports etc etc ad infinitum.

The sad reality is we are stuck with capitalism and if we got rid of it now all that would happen would be widespread rioting, looting, murders and general crime. I mean afterall, who would be a cop if they weren't getting paid ?

Foresam said...

When you want to argue against defeating bankers, you clutch at any straws you can find. The word "economy" would vanish from our vocabulary as people would be out from under the brainwashing that caused us to worship money. The financial wizards would be employed as bellboys, mailmen, etc to answer your question about how things would be maintained. That way, the current bellboys and mailmen won't have to work so hard and the financial pukes who rob us will be contributing something useful.
Think positive!