Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Maggie Hassan, Just Another Corrupt NH Politician

As is the case with almost every politician I've tried to ask this question to in NH, Maggie Hassan hides like a weasel when you ask her about mercury in vaccines. Maggie knows that mercury in vaccines causes spontaneous miscarriages, SIDS, autism, Alzheimer's and other forms of brain damage but, when you try to ask her to address this issue for the benefit of the women and their babies who she claims to support, Maggie deletes your question and bans you from commenting on her Facebook page.

At the time Maggie deleted my question from her page, somebody whose name is, apparently, Ben, left a message for me to contact Maggie and left his email there. So, I sent the following email and never received any reply.

Hi Ben, First of all, why did you delete my question from Maggie's page? Is she
afraid to answer it honestly for the public to see? I can understand that you, and most
people have no clue what the truth is about vaccines and the damage they cause.

You should be aware that the flu shots still contain the full 25 micrograms of thimerosal
(mercury). When you shoot them into pregnant women, it gives the fetus a dose of mercury
that is 200 times the dose that the CDC claims is safe. Every single time this crime
against fetuses is committed, that mercury kills brain cells in the fetus. Go ahead and
check with an MD about this. After they deny it, check back with me and let me which lie
they used to evade the question. I'll show you the truth about whatever they say.

These flu shots are now the primary cause of autism since they have a profound effect on
many young brains, still in the womb. The other problem with mercury, even in reduced
doses, is that the amount of aluminum has been increased as the mercury was reduced.
When you add mercury and aluminum together, that compound is infinitely more toxic than
either chemical by itself. In a study on rats, while mercury and aluminum separately
caused one rat out of 100 to die, when they were put together, all 100 rats died.

There is zero public health benefit from flu shots. Many people get sick from the shots
themselves. People over 50 who have flu shots every year have a much higher risk of
Alzheimer's which is the same thing as autism, mercury poisoning. Also, Vitamin D is the
only true defense against the flu. That's why nobody gets the flu in the summer. We all
get plenty of Vitamin D from the sun. Think about that instead of just believing the
medical industry.

Lastly, all of the shots that contain thimerosal can still be used without thimerosal.
All you have to do is make them in single dose vials for pennies more per shot. So, the
question you, and Maggie, should ask is if you want to keep spending about $100,000 per
year for each normal child who becomes autistic from thimerosal or you'd rather force
drug companies to spend a few cents more per shot which shouldn't even raise the price.

Maggie could call me and discuss this if she likes. I can answer any question anyone
could possibly dream up concerning vaccines, mercury, autism and Alzheimer's. I don't
think we should keep allowing the medical industry to poison people. If Maggie told the
truth about this, she could really make Ovide look like a jackass. I'm Independent and
never expect any Dem to be any different than any Rep. All I care about is ending this
crime against babies. My notmal son became a vegetable after vaccines in 1996. I have
him partially cured by removing mercury from his brain with a process called chelation.
The medical industry claims that chelation doesn't work. My son and thousands of other
autistic kids, many completely cured now, are proof that the medical industry is lying.
John Best

Thanks for sharing your concerns about vaccines. It’s our understanding that thimerosal
is now used only in some flu shots, so that most of the concerns raised about its use
with regard to children’s vaccines are no longer an issue. Maggie would be happy to look
at any information you’d like to provide if there are current concerns about the use of
thimerosal in flu shots, but it’s also important to recognize the public health benefit
of flu shots – something any public policymaker or elected official should weigh heavily
before deciding to act. If you’d like to send along more information about your concerns
you can email ben@maggiehassan.com.

By virtue of the fact that I also sent several more emails that went unanswered, we can conclude that Maggie Hassan is actively selling out the people she has conned the most votes out of...women. Most women do not want their babies to be born with brain damage. Maggie's staunch refusal to address this crime against babies though, assures that more babies will suffer this brain damage by having mercury injected into them and into their mothers while they are still in the womb. So, no matter what lies Maggie spouts to try to get votes, her actions tell us that she favors poisoning babies with mercury to "dumb down" as many as possible and that she doesn't care how many babies have their brains mangled into autism.

Is this lying, pig of a woman really what you want for your Governor?

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