Saturday, March 31, 2012

Incredible Stupidity from NH Attorney General

I sent the letter below to the New Hampshire Attorney General, Michael Delaney, detailing the criminal actions of Dr Jose Montero in causing autism, especially to unborn fetuses.

Today, I received a reply from Anne M Edwards, Associate Attorney General who told me that since they did not oversee Dr Montero, there were no actions they could take. This simpleton sent my letter detailing Dr Montero's criminal actions against babies to Dr Montero. I can only assume that if someone sends details of a serial lunatic who invades homes and shoots poison into babies that Anne Edwards will send that complaint to the named criminal and advise that she doesn't oversee said nutjob's actions.

This is the sort of ineptitude we face in the New Hampshire Attorney General's office when we report a crime. Is it possible that anyone with a law degree can truly be this stupid or does this sound like corruption?

Attorney General
Michael Delaney 3/12/12
33 Capitol St
Concord, NH 03301

Mr Delaney,
Dr Jose Montero of NH HHS is lying to the public of New Hampshire and causing autism, lowered IQ’s, spontaneous miscarriages and other forms of brain damage. He does this by falsely claiming on WMUR TV that all thimerosal (mercury) has been removed from vaccines. It hasn’t. A check of the CDC website will show you that trace amounts of thimerosal remain in most vaccines. It will also show you that the full 25 micrograms of it are in the flu shot and the tetanus shot. When you inject a pregnant woman with a flu shot, you give the fetus up to 200 times the amount of mercury that the CDC claims is safe.

Since fetuses do not have blood brain barriers, the mercury from the vaccines go directly into the fetuses’ brains. Every time this happens, brain cells are killed. I ask that you go to Youtube, search for “mercury, University of Calgary” and watch how quickly mercury kills brain cells.

To understand either Dr Montero’s rank ignorance, or malfeasance here, you have to understand the history of autism. There is no valid reason for Dr Montero to lie to all of us and claim mercury is all gone from the vaccines unless he wants to cause brain damage to babies by fooling us into believing this lie. He could try to tell us that mercury is not harmful to babies’ brains but too many of us would laugh at him if he tried that. So, I can only guess that he tells this lie to intentionally harm our children.

The first case of autism was born in 1931, the same year thimerosal was first used in vaccines. Vaccines had been used since 1798 without any of them ever causing autism. It’s estimated that autism happened to about one in 10,000 babies from 1931 until the 1980’s when it began to increase.

In 1991, babies were first injected with the mercury containing HepB shot on the day of birth. In 1993, there were zero cases of autism among school age children (age 3 to 21) in New Hampshire, Mississippi and Washington DC. In 1994, autism showed up in those places in the hundreds, among three year olds, three years after the HepB shot.

In 1999, a CDC employee named Thomas Verstraeten published a paper that showed a clear connection between mercury containing vaccines and autism, tics and speech delays. In 2000, 51 scientists from the CDC and the vaccine manufacturers met at the Simpsonwood retreat in Georgia and came to the conclusion that Verstraeten was right, that the mercury containing vaccines were causing autism. They also decided at that meeting that they were going to deny this evidence and cover it up.

Also in 2000, two doctors named Amy Holmes and Andrew Cutler took this information about mercury in vaccines and devised a protocol to remove that mercury from autistic children to cure them. It worked. We began to cure autism, a condition that had never been cured before. Now, in 2012, 13 years later, the Medical profession continues to promote the lie that there is no known cause or cure for autism.

Further malfeasance on the part of Dr Montero is the fact that sometime in the last couple of years he has managed to put himself on New Hampshire’s Autism Council. This is a council that is entirely corrupt. Many of the members profit from selling services to autistic children, none of which address the fact that almost all autism is caused by mercury. The services they sell are based on education as a cure for autism. This is like hiring a teacher to cure a snakebite. Teachers can not cure mercury poisoning. Having Dr Montero on this council ensures that no parents of an autistic child will learn the truth about how mercury causes autism. No parent will ever learn from him or the other corrupt members of this council that chelation can remove mercury from the brain and cure the autism. I have tried to provide this information to this corrupt council and they refuse to acknowledge it. In fact, in their rank stupidity, they try to claim that chelation is dangerous. They use the case of medical malpractice in which a physician gave a child the wrong drug and the child died in 2005. In fact, no person has ever been harmed by using Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) to remove mercury from the brain per Andrew Cutler’s protocol.

I have personally checked at multiple flu shot clinics for the last few years to verify that thimerosal is still in the flu shots, contrary to Dr Montero’s false claims. I also verified this at doctor’s offices. You can check it for yourself by going to some drug stores that give flu shots.

Dr Montero is a hazard to all unborn babies in the state of New Hampshire. Pregnant women must know the truth about the fact that the full dose of mercury is still in those flu shots. I watched my normal son regress into a “vegetable” at the age of ten months due to cumulative damage from mercury in vaccines. He remained in that vegetative state until I began chelating him at age seven. He improved gradually and is now a happy 15 year old instead of the head-banging, self-biting, screaming, inconsolable pathetic little boy that he used to be. He is still however, autistic. The horror that I’ve endured with autism does not have to happen to any more babies. We can bring New Hampshire back to 1993 when autism did not exist here.

As further evidence that the NH Autism Council is corrupt, I had Rep Al Baldasaro sponsor two bills for me last year, one to remove all thimerosal from vaccines in NH and one to disseminate the truth about how to cure autism. Both bills were sent to the Autism Council where they sat, never hitting the floor, no action taken.

I could go on here for many pages citing studies and giving testimonies from doctors and scientists to prove what I’m telling you about thimerosal. What’s more important though, is that if you start checking with doctors to verify anything I’ve said here, that you consult with me at the same time. The whole Medical profession, aside from a few, lie about this regularly to their patients, to the public and in propaganda campaigns on the internet. Their lies sound credible to laymen who aren’t versed in their deceptive lingo. I’ve had thousands of arguments with these doctors and I can easily refute every lie they present. So before you decide to ignore this because some doctor, or hundreds of doctors try to tell you I’m just a crazy person ask me about what they say. You’ll see that I’m the one telling the truth and I can prove it.

Please do something about Dr Montero and see that the citizens of New Hampshire know the truth. Each autistic child costs the taxpayers over $100,000 per year for education and other care. All of that cost can be avoided. Thank you.

John Best
113 Old Derry Rd
Londonderry, NH 03053


capricorn said...

Thanks for sharing your research John!

capricorn said...

Thanks for sharing your research John! If parents knew the truth about vaccines, they would all tell the needle nuts: "Over my dead body!"