Friday, January 27, 2012

DSM-5, I Told You So, You Should Have Listened

I spent years exposing the fraud of Neurodiversity and advising parents of autistic children that these liars needed to be opposed. In turn, I was berated by a large segment of the autism community. Hardly anyone listened as I showed that these liars were part of a planned propaganda effort to destroy our children to further the interests of the Medical Industry.

I always wrote how people like Ari Ne'eman, Amanda Baggs, Frank Klein, Alex Plank and a host of other liars were deliberately presenting a false image of what autism is so that the general public would think that autism was no big deal. With these changes to the DSM, Neurodiversity has succeeded. The liars on our side, like Age of Autism, thought these liars should be treated like people instead of treating them like the scum that they are. They accomodated the deception by refusing to vehemently oppose them. The standard bogus philosophy adhered to by the liars on our side was to ignore them. That gave these Neurodiverse liars free rein to say whatever they wanted and continue painting a false image of what autism is to influence public opinion.

Now, children who are severely disabled with PDD/NOS, a step above the really horrible autism where kids are just "vegetables", will not be included and might not be able to find any help. Kids with Asperger's who have real problems will be left out because scumbags like Ari Ne'eman who don't have any real problems has convinced people that his false presentation of what autism is has prevailed in the minds of the public. This allows the psychiatrists who write the DSM to justify their defense of the Medical Industry by excluding all of those kids whose mercury poisoned brains work just well enough to be labelled with Asperger's. Real Asperger's is a lot different than the brand of Asperger's that was presented by the liars from Neurodiversity. Now those kids are screwed, thanks to all of the parents who refused to oppose the Neurodiverse deception.

I told you all many times what was going on but you were all too politically correct to listen. I can tell you how to beat this deception now. The question is, do you still want to listen to the liars from our side like Age of Autism and the Canary Party leaders or do you want to discuss it with someone who knows the solution and knows how to win this battle? If you understand that most of your alleged leaders have been lying to you and you'd like to fight, let me know.


capricorn said...

Thanks for your eye-opening blog, John! It seems a case of diversionarly tactics, like - among many other things - dismissing vaccine-related deaths as "cot death" or "SIDS", vaccine-induced behavioural disorders as "ADHD", or vaccine-related trauma in babies as "SBS" (Shaken Baby Syndrome), in order to jail parents whose babies have been vaccine-injured.

As far as I am concerned, vaccination is an organised criminal enterprise dressed up as disease prevention by means of junk science. The fact that these criminals have got away with injecting babies and children with mercury-, aluminium- and foreign DNA laced vaccines for decades makes this medical superstition a monument to the gullibility and ignorance if not outright stupidity of the majority of people who have subscribed to this nonsense.

As one sows, so one reaps. If one sows corn, one would be insane to expect cabbages. Similarly, it's just plain silly to expect that injecting children's organisms with chemicals and biological agents will result in healthy children. Logic and plain common sense should be telling them that polluting their children's bodies with these poisons is detrimental to children's health and well-being.

This idiocy has now gone on for over 200 years. It will only stop once people realise that they have been victims of a massive and very dangerous fraud.

marytormey said...

I think we need to go back to what happened with the DSM IV between 1993-1994. First we have a study saying that sugar dose not cause hyperactivity:,886146&dq=joseph+biederman&hl=en
Then we have the invention of ADHD:
Here is a link showing a bit more about Joseph Biederman:
This link shows the slap on the wrist he got for excepting the money:
Remember that not everyone who approved the DSM IV or was diagnosed under it knew it was a scam. I can clearly see varying levels of injury and intelligence and education in the Autistic community.

Foresam said...

This has nothing to do with that, Mary. It has to do with dishonesty.

Anonymous said...

I have lost all respect for Age of Autism. They continue to be vague and mute on so many important issues. They've been compromised.