Monday, November 28, 2011

Nomination for IACC

I sent this nomination letter to Dr Daniels of the IACC. Does anyone think these dishonest bastards will view my application favorably?

Dr Daniels,
I'm nominating myself, John Best, to serve on the IACC. You have some degenerate liars on your committee right now and I'd like the opportunity to expose them and drive them out.

We already know all we need to know about how autism is caused and how to cure it. I can make this statement because I've been teaching people how to cure autism since 2003. Many have succeeded in curing their children. Meanwhile, the liars on the IACC are stifling the truth while tens of thousands of children suffer with autism needlessly.

You have an obligation to present the whole truth. You can't allow yourselves to be misled by propaganda experts who will do or say anything to serve their agenda of
covering up the truth to benefit the vaccine industry. Autism is caused by shooting mercury into babies before they develop a blood brain barrier. This should be obvious to anyone who does any research on the subject. To try to deny this is simply dishonest. Your function is to tell the citizens of this country
the truth.

All that has ever come out of the IACC is a pack of lies and a lot of
stalling to avoid that truth. Put me on your committee so I can expose all of the liars. Children are suffering horribly and this deception needs to end right now. You have to demand that all mercury be removed from all vaccines immediately. You have to inform everyone that autism can be cured using Alpha Lipoic Acid chelation per Andrew Cutler's protocol. That's the truth.

My experience with autism relates to making my severely autistic son better with chelation. He is not yet cured but is now a happy teenager who no longer bashes his head through walls, bites himself nor screams in pain all day long from "gut" problems which were the first side effect of mercury poisoning that was cured completely by chelation.
Thank you,
John Best

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