Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Jane Dichard, New Hampshire Child Abuser

Jane Dichard is a fat, old broad who looks like she combed her hair in a blender. She's also the Director of Region 10, a non-profit agency in southern New Hampshire that oversees the care of mentally disabled people. This includes autistic children.

I talked to this stupid woman during the past year and tried to educate her about autism. When I asked her to take steps to inform parents about how the mercury in vaccines caused the autism, her answer that defies belief was: "That's not my job".

Here's this dope who has responsibility to see that mentally disabled people are cared for appropriately telling me that it's none of her business if any of them ever receive proper care and treatment for their injuries. I explained to Ms Dichard how to cure autism but she didn't want to hear it. I further tried to teach this nitwit that the behavioral people who earn their living by making sure nobody is ever cured have a conflict of interest. If parents all learn how to cure autism, these assholes who won't tell anyone the truth will all be out of work.

That didn't bother Jane though. She's the Director and what she says goes. It doesn't matter to her if all of the autistic kids whose parents she advises remain autistic as long as she provides services to these people. That's Jane's job and she's way too busy to worry about anything else. So, if the parents of autistic kids all get a little respite money to give them a break from the autism, then Jane can pat herself on the back and believe she has done a good job.

Ask Jane to intervene when a kid has troubles though and she's right there, ready to cut the throats of parents who don't obey her and her moronic staff. For instance, one parent had her child taken away from her because the parent wasn't doing a great job of managing the kid's diabetes. The kid didn't have diabetes until a year after it had had three HepB shots. When I learned about this, I pointed out to wild-haired Jane that Children's Hospital in Boston was curing diabetes by using ALA chelation to remove the mercury from the pancreas. The fact that ALA chelation is also the way to cure every person on the autism spectrum fits right in with this but Jane wasn't bothered by it a bit.

I haven't heard anymore about this case but Jane never asked any questions to bother learning more that may have helped this kid. That's the way it goes in New Hampshire. Morons who haven't learned anything since their tits started sagging below their waists run the show. They're way too important to read anything to keep pace with new developments to cure autism and the autistic kids keep suffering. Jane has the solution to that too. When the kids grow too difficult for the parents to handle, Jane can award them more money. She can place the kid in a home run by imbeciles who give the kid custodial care but she can't be bothered to learn how to cure autism for $6 for a bottle of ALA.

This is one of the people who parents have to turn to when they have no clue what to do about mercury poisoning misdiagnosed as autism. As usual, with incompetent state employees, the kids lose...every time.

Almost forgot, Jane likes to advise people to take the flu shots. Yup, that's the flu shot that has lots of mercury and is now the primary cause of autism. If Jane wanted to learn why the flu shot is so dangerous to fetuses, as opposed to much larger infants, I would've been happy to teach her. But...Jane is just too important to learn...and that's the way it is for autistic kids in New Hampshire

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