Saturday, March 8, 2008

When The Music's Over, Amanda Baggs and Neurodiversity

Here's an interesting discussion about Amanda Baggs. I confirmed the following comment:
"I got a nice phone call from Nightsong's lawyer a few weeks ago where she said "Look, you and I both know Amanda's not autistic, but that's the life she wants, and you have no right to take it from her."" (Nightsong is Amanda Baggs.)

That quote is attributed to a lawyer representing Amanda Baggs. I confirmed that the conversation did take place and that the caller had information that should have only been known by the lawyer. I also confirmed that the person who posted this information had the lawyer's office phone number on his caller ID. You can click on the link above to read the denials that began a short time after this comment showed up on the Live Journal page. The people who tried to deny this identified themselves as Anne Bevington and Dave Seidel.

Let's look at Anne Bevington's motivation to assist Amanda Baggs. We can see that she is hooked up with Kathleen Seidel. Together with other bloggers from the Autism Hub, these people have made it their mission to assault an organization that does nothing more than attempt to cure children with autism. The key here is that Bevington, Seidel and the rest have used Baggs to give themselves some legitimacy. They support Baggs and her claims that she does not want to be cured. The whole time, we now find out for certain that they knew Baggs was not autistic.

This establishes the fact that Neurodiversity and the Autism Hub of bloggers have engaged in a conspiracy to defraud the public as to the truth about autism. Their lawyer thinks we have no right to take the life Amanda Baggs has chosen for herself from her. How quaint. It is not just about Amanda Baggs.

Amanda Baggs has been the publicity vehicle by which Neurodiversity has been able to make themselves heard. They have used her acting to convince the general public that nobody should try to cure autism.

In all of Kathleen Seidel's attacks on Mark Geier, Richard Deth, Rick Rollens, Generation Rescue and others, she has had Amanda Baggs as her Ace in the Hole to press the point that autistic people do not want to be cured, can not be cured and should not be cured. If Baggs' lawyer knows she is not autistic, certainly Seidel must know this. This establishes what I have said all along, that everything to do with Neurodiversity is a fraud.

Is there an Attorney General someplace who can prosecute these people for publicizing knowingly false information about autism?


Anonymous said...

passing this along:

Amanda Baggs and Laura Tisoncik both live in the city of Burlington, in the county of Chittenden in Vermont.

While the two of them respectively have just cause to identify as and receive basic services such as foodstamps, medicaid and housing (Amanda is schizophrenic and Tisoncik has a form of scholiosis),

They hold their county captive by demanding (through supporting one another in these endeavors and there is also reason to believe Anne Bevington has sent threatening letters to local service providing agencies on their behalf to force agencies to provide whatever these two want),

the two of them respectively each get nearly round the clock 'care' in their individual apartments, in the form of 'service people'(referred to by Baggs as 'her staff') to wait on them hand and foot as well a number of electronic devices (handheld PDAs $8,000 touch screen communication devices etc) on the basis of their separate claims to 'autism' (Amanda Baggs) and 'PDD-NOS" (Laura Tisoncik).

Anyone who has information that might be of interest to the various service providers of such things as designated by the state of Vermont and the county of Chittenden is invited to contact them and let them know, as they would no doubt welcome the information.

Be advised that Baggs has employed a tactic in the past (with MIT) wherein, knowing at some point her 'autism' would ultimately be questioned and someone would eventually contact MIT to inform them, Baggs simply told MIT that someone might contact them to 'harass' her and for them to forward the information to herself (and her mother who promptly called someone up and went ballistic in a phone haranguing campaign), and while one would think agencies given to providing services to the needy might be interested and wanting information regarding fraudulent acquisition of services, bear in mind the Bevington involvement and Baggs' and Tisoncik's wickedly clever manipulation skills, particularly their manipulation of service providers (and Amanda will no doubt have advance warning by way of seeing or any number of her thugs referring her to this open request for information to be provided to her service providers).

None the less, they might be well interested, and if you've got information you feel they should know that could be helpful, please feel free to contact their area agencies.

Zoe said...

And Amanda and the Autism Hub bloggers motive is...?

Future Shock said...

Dearest Fore Sam;

Get a revolver, load it up and end it. Neurodiversity is here to stay. You aren't getting your way, you sick freak, and you never will.

No regards,
Autistic Future